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¡Bienvenidos a todos al primer nivel de Castellano! Espero tener un año muy divertido y feliz lleno de aprendizaje y crecimiento con todos ustedes. La primera vez que una persona estudia otro idioma puede ser una experiencia asombrosa e instructivo - uno aprende de sí tanto como del nuevo idioma. 

Welcome everybody to Level I Spanish!  I hope to have a very fun and happy year full of learning and growth with you all. The firs time that a person studies another language can be an amazing and instructive experience - one learns about her-/himself as much as about the new language.

Favor de consultar a esta página todos los días después de la escuela. Todos los días voy a ponerles una nota en algunas frases y cualquier instrucciones especiales que haya para la tarea. En adición, voy a poner la información que generamos en la clase como un pdf al fondo de la página y tú la puedes repasar o verla si no estás en la clase. Es muy importante consultar la página todos los días.

Please check this page every day after school. Every day I will put a note in some sentences and any special instructions for the homework. In addition, I will put the information we generate in the class as a pdf at the bottom of the page and you can review it or see it if you are not in the class. It is very important to check the page every day.


Actividades y más de REALIDADES I (nuestro texto/libro de la clase)


Trimestre II


Thursday, January 17, 2019

We practiced a very small amount of conjugation today and then you had time to read chapters 1 and 2 of "...Isabela." Hopefully you've found, are learning and using some new vocabulary. That's one way to make it work/learn a language. Practice 3 new verbs tonight and show them to me tomorrow - why wouldn't you?  ¡Gracias!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

There is no homework tonight, but you could practice explaining your game from class today. Have fun with getting good at conjugating!


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Good afternoon!  Try conjugatiing the rest of the verbs in the pdf tonight for some practice at home. I invite you to learn two new verbs and to try and conjugate them in the present tense as well. 

Tomorrow you will present the questions from Chapter 1 that you invented with your group in class today. Please have those ready to go. There is no homework for points due tomorrow. ¡Gracias!


Monday, January 14, 2019

Please start to study any new words from the novel we started today. I know that 6th hour didn't get too far, but we will moving quickly through the novel this week, so be sure to learn what you don't know on terms of vocabulary. If you need a reminder about learning new words, please ask in class tomorrow! You're probably not the only one who could some help, and there are lots of ways to study.  ¡Gracias!


Friday, January 11, 2019 

Happy Friday!  There's no homework for the weekend, but I do reccommend studying the vocabulary from chapters 1A and 1B. We're supposed to have a final in two weeks, and we'll likely have a quiz next Friday on some new information. Stay on top of things, and don't fall behind.

If you were in class today and you didn't have your homework, you can ear up to 85% by doing the homework and then creating four new sentences for both Actividad 19 and 21. Just create them like the ones in the actual activities. You can hand these in at the beginning of class on Monday, but not after, if you want points.

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, January 10, 2019

¡Hola! Today, please re-view the first 4 minutes of this video: , then re-read the “Gramática” box on page 60 regarding definite and indefinite articles. Then, please find a partner and speak and write activities 17 and 18 on page 61. Take about 15 minutes for the video and work time.

When most of you are finished, you can go on to read the “Gramática” box on page 61 and then complete in your notebooks Activities 19 and 21 on pages 62 and 63. I’ve put a pdf of these pages in today's pdf below. You can use their phones to access the site, or our awesome substitute Ms. Inferrera can project the pages.

Apply yourselves well, help each other and have these Actividades ready to hand in at the beginning of class tomorrow/Friday and I'll have something a little extra for you. I'm sorry to miss out on working with you today. ¡Hasta mañana!


Wendesday, January 9, 2019

Some of you wroite some really good poemas en diamante - ¡muy bien!  You can still show me your poem when I'm back on Friday if you show it to me at the beginning of class, and if you create and write 4 questions that your peom answers. You can earn 75% by doing this for Friday if you did not receive points today. (Check the portal tomorrow afternoon.)

Tomorrow you will need your textbook, so please bring it. You'll be working with Ms. Ferrera again, so please be respectful and helpful. if I get a good report I'll make Friday a little more fun for us all.

There is no homework for tonight if you finished your poema diamante. If you need to do it, the instructions are on page 59; it is Actividad 15, and Actividad 14 provides some helpful ideas. ¡Gracias!



Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tonight, for homework, try doing Actividad 15 on page 59. You're basically writing a poem about yourself - using adjectives that describe you, the verbs that relate to the adjective, and expressions around "me gusta" - in the shape of a diamond. To start, just try writing about what you like to do, what you do - and then review and use the adjectives. The vocabulary is on pages 22, 46, and 70 of REALIDADES. 

Have at least seven lines (about 4 words a piece), and I can award you the full 20 points. 



Monday, January 7, 2019

There is no homework tonight for tomorrow, but I will ask that you all consider and respect your time as well as that of others. Much class time was lost today as we waited for people to settle down and stop talking. We have a lot to learn, and being as social as many of you were today will not help.  Thank you.

Be sure to review the voccabulary on page 70 of REALIDADES. It is iincluded in today's pdf if you don't have your tetbook with you.



Thursday, December 20, 2018

Today in class we'll watch the video that will explain "indefinite articles." We use them all the time in English; there are just more of them in Spanish because of the gender element of the language. We will do Activities 16 and 17 in the book before returning to check the work in the packet from yesterday. If we don't review the packet in class and you didn't do it, you can complete it for January 7 and receive better than partial points. You can find the 4 pges of the packet in today's pdf.


There is no homework due for the return from Winter Break. I hope you all have lots of happy and safe times while we're all away. Take care of yoursleves and try to "think in Spanish" a little bit over the next two weeks. It's always good to review and learn more new vocabulary. Be well!



Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My apologies, friends, but my (lower) back issues are back, so I'm on ice and a heating pad at home.

Today, please work with our stellar substitute, Mr. Duane, to practice Activity 11 on page 57 (if that's the decision) and then the following:

1) Read as a class the blue GRAMÁTICA box on page 60, and then together try doing Activities 17 and 18 on page 61.

2) After finishing those Activities, please complete the packet as best as you can for tomorrow. You will earn 20 points for having the packet done and handed in at the beginning of class tomorrow, and we will review the answers then, too.  

Tonight, your homework is to finish the packet, and, as always, review the new vocabulary on page 70 in REALIDADES and any other words from the year.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope to see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

There is no new homeowkr due for tomorrow. We looked at page 56 in REALIDADES in class today, reviewing and being able to do the Activities there would be good practice. We will start with Activity 11 on page 57 tomorrow if you want to take a look at it and be familiar with what it will ask you  to do.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Good afternoon!  There is no homework to turn in for tomorrow. Instead, spend some time reviewing Chapter 1A, looking at how to talk about what you or someoene else likes to do.  Then review pages 8, 9, 14, 15, 18 and 19 to think and express when they might do it. This will be our focus tomorrow as you get a second chance on the test from December 6. This time you'll see the video, as well as listen.



Friday, December 14, 2018

There is no new homework tonight to do for Monday. Try re-doing the Activities on pages 54-55 and playing with making sentences with subjects, verbs and adjectives that agree appropriately.

Have a good weekend and please bring your textbook to class on Monday.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

There is no new homework tonight to do for tomorrow. 

Please continue to review the words from page 70. If you want to get ahead a little, you can read the Gramática section of page 55 in REALIDADES. We will be looking at it tomorrow and practicing its content.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

There is no new homework tonight to do for tomorrow. If you know all of the words from page 70 and can use them in good, simple sentences - great! If not, keep practicing them at home by just plain memorizing them, or try making sentences like we have done in class this week.  Please bring your book to class tomorrow for a look at adjectives and agreement.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

There is no homework due to hand in tomorrow, but studying the new vocabulary is a very good idea. 

I put the answers to the worksheets in today's pdf. I will hand yours back to you tomorrow. You could try going through the answers and checking your ideas. We can discuss them tomorrow. Please bring your textbook to class tomorrow.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Hello!  Sorry for any confusion today. The World Language teachers had an opportunity to meet during the shcool day, so some of us missed some of our classes. In any case, thanks for applying yourselves to some new learning in my absence.

The instructions for the day are in today's pdf below. You will be copying some new vocabulary and then applying it to a packet of worksheets. It may not be the most excting day for you, but many of you expressed your preference for worksheets. :)

Have fun and do good work!  I might be stopping in to check on things, so work well!  Also, if you can, please try and make it to the Basilica concert tonight. Southwest always represents well at this event. ¡Gracias!



viernes el 7 de diciembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Buenas tardes y feliz viernes!

Este fin de semana, ustedes pueden descansar un poco. El lunes, vamos a empezar la próxima unidad, la de 1B, así que 2 cosas les tengo:
1) Traigan el libro REALIDADES a la clase el lunes y prepárense traerlo indefinitivamente.
2) Si quieren, pueden empezar practicar y aprender el vocabulario nuevo de la página 70. Son palabras que usamos para describirnos. Como son increíbles, pueden empezar buscar las palabras que les describan mejor.\

No hay tarea para entregar el lunes. Descansen y disfruten el fin de la semana.  ¡Gracias!


Good afternoon and happy Friday!

This weekend, you can rest a little. On Monday, we will start the next unit, 1B, so I have  2 things for you:

1) Bring your REALIDADES book to class on Monday and prepare to bring it in indefinitely.

2) If you want, you can start practicing and learning the new vocabulary on page 70. These are words we use to describe ourselves (and others). Since you all are incredible, you can start looking for the words that best describe you.

There is no homework to hand in on Monday. Rest and enjoy the end of the week. Thanks!



miércoles el 5 de diciembre de dos mil dieciocho

Vamos a tener una prueba de escuchar mañana, así que repasen las páginas 40-41 en REALIDADES. Pueden ver allí palabras muy similares a lo que van a oír mañana. Si puedes cambiar la persepectiva ("A mí me gusta nadar..." >>> Ella nada...) y luego decir si te gusta o no, vas a hacer muy bien. En adición, practica las expresiones "a mí también", "a mí tampoco," y ""

We are going to have a listening test tomorrow, so review pages 40-41 in REALIDADES. You can see there words very similar to what you are going to hear tomorrow. If you can change the perspective ("I like to swim ..." >>> She swims...) and then say whether you like it or not, you will do very well. In addition, practice the expressions "me too", "me neither," and "neither ... nor."


martes el 4 de diciembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Gracias por dominar a la presentaciones!  La mayoría fueron buenas, y - honestamente - pienso que pueden hacer aún más. Vamos a tener otra evaluación de otra manera dentro de una semana - van a hacer muy bien con eso, también. Descansen esta noche, y vengan listos para mover adelante mañana. :)

Thanks for dominating the presentations! Most were good, and - honestly - I think you all can do even more. We will have another evaluation of another style within a week or so – you’ll do really well with that, too. Rest tonight, and come ready to move forward tomorrow. :)


lunes el 3 de diciembre de dos mil dieciocho

Sorry for the English-only here - I'm late for a doctor's appointment...!

Study the work you did in class for your presentation tomorrow, and check the pdf if you're not able to see page 43 in REALIDADES. Remember, you also need to ask your partner what they like/like to do/if they like what you like. Have fun!



*** You may have missed last week's opportunity to turn in late/make up work for 80%, but you can turn it in on Monday the 3rd for 70%. Just do the actual  work assigned and invent three examples of your own that follow model of the work or activities assigned. You will need to turn these in at the beginning of class.

viernes el 30 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Este fine de semana, practiquen las maneras de presentarse y describir lo que te gusta hacer. El lunes van a presentarse en las maneras de los jóvenes del video de hoy. No busco la perfección, solo una intención de usar lo que hemos visto, estudiado y practicado este año.  No hay tarea para lunes, pero si quieres los 18 puntos por de la hoja de la clase de hoy, necesitas entregar la hoja al principio de la clase el lunes 3 de diciembre. Aquí está el enlace al video que vimos.


This weekend, practice the ways to introduce yourself and describe what you like to do. On Monday you all will present yourselves the way the teens did in today's video. I am not looking for perfection, just an intention to use what we have seen, studied and practiced this year. There is no homework for Monday, but if you want the 18 points for the work sheet for today, you need to turn it in at at the beginning of the class on Monday the 3rdof December. Here is the link to the video that we watched.


jueves el 29 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Buenas tardes, alumnos

Esta noche, repasen las páginas 28-41, con la intención de producir la información en un diálogo no-practicado. Debe ser divertido, y después de ver de nuevo el video de los alumnos hispanohablantes  presentarse - y practicar un poco - es lo que ustedes van a hacer en la clase mañana. Me parece mejor idea esperar hasta lunes para la evaluación.


Good afternoon, marvelous students

Tonight, please review pages 28-41, with the intention of producing the information in a non-practiced dialogue. It should be fun, and after watching the video of the Spanish-speaking students, presenting themselves again- and practicing a little – it is what you are going to do in class tomorrow. I think it's a better idea to wait until Monday for the assessment.


martes el 27 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Hola, amigos! Mañana no voy a estar en la clase, así que recomiendo que lleven sus libros. La subsituta va a ser la mujer que nos visitó hace algunas semanas. Ella es muy amable así que sean amigables con ella y les traeré algo especial este viernes (¿tal vez en vez de una evaluación?). Si no, pues, eso sería triste. Son inteligentes; usen su tiempo de buena manera y ayuden a cada uno. Si hay preguntas de la tarea que dejo, las quiero oír cuando regreso a verles el jueves, ¿vale?

Recomiendo hacer las otras actividades en el pdf de hoy porque les pueden ayudar con la evaluación este viernes. Es posible que sean tarea para jueves, también.

Voy a poner aquí las instrucciones para la clase mañana para que todos sepan de ellas. Otra vez, lleven sus libros (REALIDADES) a la clase mañana para más ayuda/referencia.


Hello friends! Tomorrow I will not be in class, so I recommend that you bring your books. The substitute is going to be the woman who visited us a few weeks ago. She is very kind so be nice to her and I will bring you something special this Friday (maybe instead of an assessment/test?). If not, well, that would be sad. You all are intelligent; Use your time in a good way and help each other. If there are questions about the homework I leave, I want to hear them when I come back to see them on Thursday, okay?

I recommend doing the other activities in the pdf today because they can help you with the assessment this Friday. It may be homework for Thursday, too.

I'm going to put the instructions for the class here tomorrow so everyone will know about them. Again, bring your books (REALIDADES) to class tomorrow for more help / reference.

Thank you!


lunes el 26 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Buenas tardea!

Esta noche, hagan tres de los números 4-8 en la página 17 y todas las actividades en la página 13. Las páginazs aparecen en el pdf de hoy; 17 es la en que trabajamos en la clase, y viene antes del 13 en el pdf. Es mucha repetición y es muy báscia, pero así vamos hasta que más personas estén practicando regularmente.

La tarea vale 16 puntos. Voy a pasar y marcar que las personas la tengan, pero no voy a coleccionar las hojas. 



Good afternoon!

Tonight, please do three of the numbers 4-8 on page 17 and all the activities on page 13. The pages appear in today's PDF; 17 is the one on which we worked in the class, and it comes before 13 in the pdf. It's a lot of repetition and it's very basic, but that's how we go until more people are practicing regularly.

The homework is worth 16 points. I will go through and mark that people have it, but I will not collect your papers sheets.



martes el 20 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Estoy agredecido trabajar con ustedes!  Espero que pasen muy buenas vacaciones llenas de las cosas que les gusten. Descansen, disfruten, y regresen listos para aprender MUCHO.  No hay tarea sobre las vacaciones, y siempre es bueno que repasen lo que han aprendido.

Si quisieran ganar hastq 80% de credito para las tareas que no hayan entregado ni ganado puntos, háganlas y luego creen 5 frases para cada sección para practicar más. Eso tiene que ver con las hojas de actividades, las cuales se puede encontrar en los pdf's.

I am thankful to work with you all! I hope you have a great holiday full of the things that you like. Rest, enjoy, and come back ready to learn A LOT. There is no homework over the holidays, and it is always good to review what you have learned so far.

If you would like up to 80% credit for any home works you haven’t turned in or earned points, do them, and then create 5 sentences extra for each section to practice some more. That mostly is for the worksheets, which can be found in the pdf’s.


lunes el 19 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Tomamos una prueba breve hoy y luego escuchamos a algunos hispanohablantes-nativos hablar de lo que les gusta hacer. Mañana vamos a regresar a estudiar los verbos en contexto.

We took a short quiz today and then listened to some native-Spanish speakers talk about what they like to do. Tomorrow we will get back to verbs in context.


viernes el 16 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Ustedes van a tener una prueba como la primera cosa de la clase el lunes. Después, ofreceré 10 minutos a quiénes quieran presentar su ofrenda. Lunes será la última oportunidad para presentarla. Gracias por su paciencia. 

Practiquen las cojugaciones y revisen el pdf y no tendrán ningún problema con la prueba. Si es fácil, ¡vayan a ver la obra de teatro en el auditorium y disfruten el fin de semana!

You are going to have a test as the first thing in class on Monday. Afterwards, I will offer 10 minutes to those who want to present their ofrendas. Monday will be the last opportunity to present them. Thank you for your patience. J

Practice the conjugations and review todays [the apostrophe "s" is not working...] pdf and you will not have any problem with the test. If it's already easy, go see the play in the auditorium and enjoy the weekend!


jueves el 15 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Practiquen las conjugaciones!  Ustedes tienen la hoja de actividades que les di en la clase. Hagan todas las actividades (A, B, A y B) de los dos lados para entregar mañana al entrar la clase. Vale 20 puntos, y es muy buena preparación para la prueba que vamos a tener.

Practice the conjugations! You all have the activity sheet that I gave you in class. Do all the activities (A, B, A and B) from both sides to hand in tomorrow when you enter class. It's worth 20 points, and it's very good preparation for the quiz we're going to have.


miércoles el 14 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

¡Hola!  Quiero que repasen el pdf esta noche y que consideren las frases que escribimos sobre los adolescentes. Son ideas muy, muy básicas, pero practican la conjugación buena, y eso es lo que neceesitan hacer en la prueba pequeña que vamos a tener mañana. Tienen que saber conjugar básicamente los verbos -ar, -er, e -ir, en el presente del indicativo. Hemos hecho muchos ejemplos en la clase, así que practiquen o repitan esos para repasar. También, deben saber los verbos de esta página, porque los usamos en la clase, también.

Si no hiciste la tarea anoche, puedes recuperar puntos (80%) por regresar a las actividades que hacen los adolescentes y escribir frases con ellas para "yo," "tú," y "nosotros." Va a haber aproximadamente 12 frases; es la práctica súper-buena.

Hello! I want you to review the pdf tonight and consider the sentences we wrote about the teenagers. They are very, very basic ideas, but they practice good conjugation, and that is what you need to do for the small quiz that we are going to have tomorrow. You all have to know how to conjugate -ar, -er, and –ir verbs, in the present indicative tense. We have done many examples in class, so practice or repeat those to review. Also, you all should know the verbs on this page, because we use them in the class, too.

If you didn't do the homework last night, you can recuperate points by going back to the activities that the teenagers do and write sentences with them for "I,", "you (singular-informal)," and "we" (in Spanish, of course).  There will be about 12 sentences; it's super-good practice.


martes el 13 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

La tarea:

- Siempre, repasa cómo conjugar los verbos
- Esta noche, favor de ver a las páginas 40-41 y determina qué le gusta haacer los jóvenes allí (ya hicimos eso en otra tarea).
- Al tener las actividades, expresa lo que hacen (what they do). Ejemplo: "A mí me gusta dibujar."  >>> Ella dibuja.
- Pueden ser más creativos, claro, pero el punto es practicar las conjugaciones._

Se entrega la tarea mañana al principio de la clase. Vale 20 puntos por tener todas las frases mínimo-posibles; 25 puntos por hacerlas correctamente.


Tonight's homework:

- Always, review how to conjugate verbs.

- Tonight, please see pages 40-41 (they are in the pdf) and determine what the young people like to do (we already did that in another homework).

- Once you determine the activities, express what they do (what they do). Example: "I like to draw." >>> She draws.

- They can be more creative, of course, but the point is to practice the conjugations.

The homework is due tomorrow at the beginning of class. It is worth 20 points for having all the minimum-possible sentences; 25 points for doing them correctly.



lunes el 12 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Vimos más de la conjugación en la clase hoy. Es algo para considerar un poco y aún más para practicar. Nunca se va a desaparecer, así que, ¿por qué no practicarla?

No hay tarea específica esta noche, pero sería muy buena idea hacer la tarea de hoy si no la hicieras sobre el fin de la semana. Algunos puntos van a ser mejores que ningunos.  ;)

We saw more conjugation in class today. It is something to consider a little and still something more to practice. It will never disappear, so why not practice it?

There is no specific homework tonight, but it would be a very good idea to do today's homework if you did not do it over the weekend. Some points are going to be better than no points. ;)


viernes el 9 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Su tarea este fin de semana es conjugar 8 verbos -ar, 2 verbos -er y 1 verbo -ir, como lo hicimos en clase hoy, en el cuaderno para lunes el 12 de noviembre. El trabajo vale 30 puntos, y es una parte esencial de aprender comunicar con el idioma.

Your task this weekend is to conjugate 8 verbs -ar, 2 verbs -er and 1 verb -ir in your notebook, as we did in class today, for Monday the 12th of November. The work is worth 30 points, and is an essential part of learning to communicate with the language.



jueves el 8 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Gracias por haberse dedicado aprender ese vocabulario. Si no estás feliz con la prueba de hoy, todavía puedes estudiar el vocabulario en las páginas 22 y 46 de REALIDADES. Siempre se usa, así que tienes que aprenderlo.


No hay tarea específica esta noche, solo una invitación de estudiar lo que te sea difícil. Si tú tienes preguntas de lo que sea, por favor, llévalas a la clase mañana y podemos hablar de ellas.

Thank you for having dedicated to learn that vocabulary. If you are not happy with today's quiz, you can still study the vocabulary on pages 22 and 46 of REALITIES. It is always used, so you just have to learn it.

There is no specific homework tonight, just an invitation to study what is difficult for you. If you have questions about anything, please bring them to class tomorrow and we can talk about them.


miércoles el 7 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

¿No íbamos a tener una prueba hoy? ¿Qué pasó? Pues, la hora pasó, seguro. Esta noche, estudien - tanto que sea necesario - el vocabulario en las páginas 22 y 26, las expresiones de "gustar," y los cuatro alumnos de las páginas 40-41 de REALIDADES. Mañana sí tendremos una prueba corta, y entonces empezaremos leer una novela, si nadie quiere presentar su ofrenda.

Weren't we going to have a quiz today? What happened? Well, time passed, for sure. Tonight, study - as much as is necessary - the vocabulary on pages 22 and 26, the expressions of "(to) like," and the four students and their likes and interests on pages 40-41 of REALIDADES. Tomorrow we will have a short quiz, and then we will start reading a novel, if nobody wants to present their ofrenda.


martes el 6 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Hoy en la clase repasamos - por hacer un calentamiento - un (muy) poco del vocabulario del primer trimestre. Sí, debemos tener una prueba mañana en ese vocabulario, así que dedíquense a repasar lo que has puesto en el cuaderno, lo cuál debe ser cualquier vocabulario nuevo desde la página 1-39 en REALIDADES. También vimos cómo decir que a alguien le gusta algo. Vengan con preguntas mañana después de practicarla esta noche en casa. ¿Cuántas frases puedes inventar tú?

Perdónenme por la parte del problema de la tecnología en la clase hoy. Cuando no funciona como debe, me confunde y distrae. Espero que el problema se arregle mañana.


Today in class we reviewed - by doing a warm-up - a (very) little of the first quarter vocabulary. Yes, we should have a quiz tomorrow on that vocabulary, so dedicate yourselves to reviewing what you have put in your notebook, which should be any new vocabulary from pages 1- 39 in Realidades. We also saw how you can express someone else liking something. Come tomorrow with questions after practicing tonight at home. How many sentences can you come up with?

Forgive me on behalf of the technology problem in class today. When it does not work as it should, it confuses and distracts me. I hope the problem is fixed tomorrow.


lunes el 5 de noviembre de dos mil dieciocho

Hoy, repasamos algunos puntos importantes de la descripción de la clase. Si tienes alguna duda o pregunta, debes hablar conmigo o leerla en el pdf de hoy.

Esta noche, recomiendo que repases el todo el vocabulario nuevo de REALIDADES (lo puedes encontrar en las páginas veintidós y cuarenta y seis) y que pienses en cómo puedes tener éxito en la clase. Tenemos mucho que hacer, ¡así que prepárate aprender más castellano!

Today, we reviewed some important points of the course description. If you have any questions or doubts, you should talk to me or read it in todays' pdf.

Tonight, I recommend that you review all of the new vocabulary of REALIDADES (you can find it on pages twenty-two and forty-six) and think about how you can be successful in the class. We have a lot to do, so be prepared to learn more Spanish!