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Jazz Ensembles

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All Jazz ensembles rehearse 7:10-8:00 (zero hour). Students are expected to attend to all rehearsals. Students need instructor approval prior to registration.

Combos meet MWF, Big Bands meet T/TH.


Beginning Transcription Tunes

This is an incomplete list.  Remember these are suggestions- a list of youtube (or spotify) links that I'm sure will continue to grow, containing some great (and playable!) solos by master jazz improvisers on a variety of instruments.  If you hear one you like, get a copy of the track in an audio format (not a stream) so you can begin your own transcription. I also suggest employing the use of Anytune, Smartmusic or another "slow-downer" app that doesn't change the recordings pitch but lets one change the tempo. 

1.  All instruments: anything from Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, but especially solos on:

2. Saxophones:

3. Trumpets:

4. Trombones:

5. Guitar:

6. Piano

7. Bass 

8. Drums

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