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Kaisei Gakuin High School, Hokkaido, Japan

30 high school students from Kaisei Gakuin, Hokkaido

30 students from Kaisei Gakuin (High School), Hokkaido, Japan came to Southwest on Tuesday, October  11th .  Conor J., Aella R.and Julis R. hosted five of them.  Nine volunteer students gave a tour of the new Southwest building to the visitors.  Volunteers are Megan B., Jibril I., Yoko K., Devon O., Aella R.,Isabel R., Tenzin S., Grace S., and Darius S.  Thank you!   Visitors did interactive activities with period 5 students.    They said that Southwest is big and students have a welcoming atmosphere and that they are very active and friendly.   It was a fun day with the Japanese visitors.