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Brian Meyer

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Course Description/Purpose




Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college preparatory program for students that demonstrate promise and potential. Students may apply for AVID at any point during the first three years of high school.

The AVID program consists of key components to prepare students for acceptance to and success in four-year colleges and universities. The components include intensive writing practice, strategies for success, tutorials, and college visits.



Course Goals/Learning Objectives









Students will

·         develop time management, organizational and study skills, and the habits of mind necessary for academic success and excellence.

·         demonstrate the application of the above skills and habits in core courses

·         demonstrate a capacity and commitment to engage in critical thought, discussion, and writing.

·          participate effectively in tutorial sessions two times per week

·         partcipate in activities, programs and service outside the AVID classroom.

·         Take Health and PE requirements online in AVID 10 and 11


Prerequisites/Technology Use


AVID requires an application and interview process prior to registering for the course.


Required Textbooks/Equipment



Students are required to maintain the AVID binder and come to class prepared with their binder, writing materials, tutorial sheets and other items as directed by the AVID teacher.


Classroom Procedures/Policies




Late work will not be accepted.  Students who take the initiative to meet openly, honestly, and respectfully with their AVID teacher to discuss late work may be offered an extension or a reduced grade penalty.  If students have an excused absence, they are expected to turn in work that was due during their absence on the day they return to class. 


Classroom Policies and Procedures

  • All school policies and procedures are followed in this classroom.
  • No hats, coats, beepers, electronics, headphones, radio/CD players, cell phones, magazines, food or drink.
  • Students are expected to be in class on time.  Tardiness is a disruption to the classroom.   
  • Passes are a privilege and can be denied. 
  • Come Prepared! 
  • Students are expected to uphold and enrich an atmosphere of hard work, mutual respect, and trust







Grading Policy:         

A traditional grading scale is used in this class.  Grades are calculated on a total point system.  Grades are not weighted. 


Tutorial Portfolio:  40%

Students participate in tutorial twice weekly, which means 40% of the AVID classroom time is spent in tutorial.  This is reflected in their grades.  Students will save and file all tutorial sheets during a quarter and at the end of each quarter submit a tutorial portfolio that highlights their use of tutorial time, their strengths, and areas needing improvement.


Binders and Cornell Notes:  30%

Students are required to use an AVID binder.  Students should have and use their binders every day in every class.  Binders will be organized in the manner specified in class.  The binder, as well as Cornell notes from all core academic classes will be graded regularly.  The following materials are required to be in the binder:

·         class notes in the Cornell note format (daily in all core subjects)

·         school planner/calendar

·         loose-leaf, lined papers

·         class handouts (all subjects including AVID)

·         highlighters/pens/pencils







Participation:  15%

It is important that you attend classes, on time, and that you are positively and actively engaged in the activities.  Participation grade will be based upon the following:


Up to 3 points possible daily- On time and prepared= 1pt

                                                Lesson participation= 1 pt

                                    Excellent participation/effort= 1


Unauthorized cell phone, iPod, or other technology use can result in penalties in Participation points



AVID Curriculum and WICOR:  15%

Students will participate in activities designed to increase their skills.  WICR stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration and reading.  Students will progress through a number of units focused on particular topics such as time management, goal setting, public speaking, and other critical areas necessary for academic success and excellence.  We will also focus on writing, reading and discussion.  The AVID curriculum also includes research into careers and preparation for the college application and admissions process.  Students will have assignments connected to the AVID curriculum and WICOR activities that may include essays, journaling, group projects, presentations, research etc.


Student Code of Conduct


All students are expected to adhere to the Southwest High School and Minneapolis District Citywide Discipline Policy, designed to promote a safe and respectful learning environment. For more information about your rights and responsibilities consult your Southwest Student/Parent Handbook


Academic Integrity: Plagiarism/Consequences



Honor Before Grades

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Forms of academic dishonesty include plagiarism, cheating, fabrication and grade tampering.  At your request, the teacher will provide more detailed descriptions of academic dishonesty. 


It is expected that members of this class will observe strict policies of academic honesty and will be respectful of each other. Any instances in which cheating, including plagiarism and unauthorized use of copyrighted materials, computer accounts, or someone else’s work is determined, will be referred to Student Services and will be investigated to its full extent.

Consider providing a definition of plagiarism and examples if desired or referring students to page 10 of the Southwest Handbook