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Attendance Requirements

The Base Rule:

Students must be in school all day to participate.”

Exceptions to the Rule:

#1. PRE-Excused Absences;

ex: doctor, dentist, funeral, college visit.



Bring a Parent Note to your school Athletic Director in the Athletic Office in the morning.

A Doctor’s Note must return with the student!

*if the student returns during school-bring to the Attendance Office

*if the student returns after school- bring directly to coach.

**For any absences that do not involve a Dr’s note, but you feel could be excused, please check with the Activities Office in advance.

NOT an Exception to the Rule:

…If a student leaves school because they get ill throughout the day, for their benefit and the safety of others around them, they may not participate that evening

…No sleeping-in the morning after a game/event!

…Too sick to come to school= too sick to play!


does this fire?!