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Message from Tago sensei

Please click here to read Tago sensei's J-Leape-Newsletter.  Her report was published in December 2015.



Message from Tago sensei in September 2015.


I am Kasumi Tago and I will co-teaching with Mrs. French.  Ten J-LEAP (Japanese Language Education Assistant Program) members have been sent to U.S. by Japan Foundation this year and I was selected to teach at Southwest High School!  I will be at Southwest every morning, then teach at Edina in the afternoon.

I have performed

Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, and Japanese flower arranging since I was a little girl.  Also, I have supported many foreign students who have studied abroad in my university, Kanazawa University.  I have also been to Russia, Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.  My travels have enabled me to experience many different cultures, visit a variety of places and discover new things about my own country.  This is my first time to stay in United States of America so please tell me about America and Minnesota when we meet!

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing our cultures.

With best regards,

Kasumi Tago