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Asian American History/Ethnic Studies

This course seeks to enrich and deepen our understanding of the story of the United States by learning the untold story of Asian Americans.



Current Event assignment: Learn about a current event in the USA that is related to Race/Ethnicity with a focus on the Asian American experience.  (up to 5 years ago counts)

•Make a GoogleSlide Show
–Intro page with outline of slide show
–Topic, what happened, what is going on: What, when, where, who, how, why
–Historical background of topic/event, try to connect back as far as possible
–P.O.V.s, a new slide for each perspective, so at least two slides
–Synthesis/Meaning/analysis of situation
–Discussion Questions for the class
– Bibliography (at least 5 reputable sources)
•Teach it and lead a class discussion for half the class period.
•You do this ONCE per quarter
•You work with partner/s
•No duplicates from other groups!`
•Share with teacher before presentation day.

Be prepared to give short answers to some of the following topics:

  • Coolie Act (1862)
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)
  • Angel Island Immigration Station (1910-1940)
  • Takeo Ozawa (1922)
  • Executive Order 9066
  • 100th Infantry Battalion
  • Japanese American Citizens League
  • Korematsu v. United States(1944)
  • 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (aka Hart-Cellar Act)
  • Philip Vera Cruz
  • San Francisco State University Strike, 1968-69
  • General Vang Pao
  • Hmong “Secret Army”
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