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2018-2019 Scheduling Information

Note: Any/all changes requests must come from the paper form  

Requests by phone, email, or in-person cannot be accepted

Students must continue to follow their current schedule, exactly as it appears in Portal, until the class change is visible in the Student Portal schedule.

Schedule changes may take 2-3 days to complete.



I understand that....

·         Schedule Changes…

o   may rearrange other courses, teachers, and/or lunch. By signing and submitting this form, students and parents acknowledge that some/all other classes may be impacted by the change.

o   are final. If the change is possible and made, the resulting schedule will be the final schedule. Reversing to original schedule after the change has happened is not possible.

o   may impact High School graduation pathways and potential college admission outcomes 


·         Math and World Language LEVEL CHANGE requests require approval from the current level teacher. 

o   Please speak with your teacher about your requested change and ask they email your counselor or write and sign a note for you to attach to the Schedule Change Request form.


·         Seniors who have submitted transcripts to college and/or provided senior year course information in college applications are obligated to communicate any schedule changes to their colleges.