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Anchor Advisory Announcements Sample Broadcast from Spring '18 Submission Form

Please be aware of the process and deadlines explained on the submission form. Advisory period normally happens at Southwest on Wendnesdays between 2nd and 3rd hour when there's no late start day. To be included in the Video Announcements the item must be pertinent to all 4 grade levels. Class specific announcements can and should also be submitted but they will be announced in the appropriate advisory by the teacher. If you submit a video announcement you can expect a visit from a video crew Monday during 5th hour to get supplemental footage of you.

If you can't deal with that you could:

  1. Submit relevant pictures and videos with your announcement. 
  2. If you know in advance that you can't be interrupted on Monday during 5th hour before your announcement is scheduled, send David West an email and he'll try to head them off.

Staff needs to be logged into their google docs to submit announcements. to use the Advisory submission form.

During Advisory:
We recommend playing the announcements as soon as possible, especially during travel advisory days so that students hear the announcements before they leave.

We also highly recommend that teachers download the video announcements ahead of time to avoid undue stress on SW intranet which has demonstrated repeatedly it cannot handle lots of people streaming video at the same time. The video link is nearly always available by 7am Wednesday and is always included in Rachel Jevne's google presentation shared with staff on Wednesdays before advisories.

Students should be encouraged to use advisory time wisely to keep up with homework, get information about upcoming events and happenings in the academic calendar and take responsibility for their own education. Occassionally there's time to make up quizzes, talk with teachers and travel to meetings and study sessions around campus. An important component of the Advisory are the announcements. We do video announcements for items of school wide interest, teacher announcements for items of interest to one or two grades and administration will occassionally do verbal announcements over the PA system.

There's an Advisory Committee which meets regularly on Late Start Days. This is a committed group of parents, students and staff that manages Advisory systems at Southwest, brainstorms improvements and reports to the Leadership Council. Active members are David West (Film & Media teacher), Rachel Jevne-See (Social Studies teacher), or Bill Towne (Math teacher).You are welcome to join us.