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Planning Your High School Program

Advanced Academics at Southwest

Over the next several years, there will be some adjustments to the course offerings at Southwest High School. These changes are to support student success through aligning courses using International Baccalaureate philosophy. Southwest has a long history with International Baccalaureate going back to 1987. Although some courses may lose the Advanced Placement label in the coming years, not all courses will. For example, Advanced Placement Human Geography will not be offered next year due to the change in district-wide curriculum requirements. The Advanced Placement United States History course will still be offered to 10th grade students in 2021-2022 and beyond; however, the course title may change in the future to align with our mission as an International Baccalaureate World School. We remain committed to supporting student success, regardless of how that may be achieved. We will be working closely with departments to offer additional support to prepare students to be successful on Advanced Placement exams, even when the course title itself may not have the Advanced Placement label

We will continue to offer and support students with a variety Advanced Academic options leading to college credit eligibility through Advanced Placement exams, International Baccalaureate exams and concurrent enrollment options aligned to the International Baccalaureate Career-related Program. As always, we welcome the opportunity to work with families to make the experience at Southwest High School the best it can be for all students.

IMPORTANT 2021-2022 SWHS Course Registration Information

Academic Course Registration for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year is almost here, with Course Registration activities starting the first week in February, 2021.

Our goal for every student is for you to maximize your high school experience by building strong connections and pursuing your interests, strengths, and dreams for your future.

Students enrolling in appropriate coursework is at the core of our work as an educational institution. Through careful academic planning, students not only meet requirements for graduation, they also explore interests and establish a transcript that is the foundation for postsecondary planning. As nearly 70% of each SWHS graduating class chooses to attend 4-year colleges, with another 18-20% of graduates choosing to attend 2-year colleges, thoughtful planning of high school coursework is essential.

Your current teachers are a valuable resource for you to utilize throughout this process. Teachers have worked hard to create informational videos and update the Southwest Course Catalog.  Please check out this information from the Academics menu from the Southwest website. Teachers will also be sharing course planning information with students and families in Q&A sessions. Students are encouraged to follow-up with their teachers if there are further questions about course plans in specific subject areas.

Thoughtful course planning and intentional registration decisions are also important for future planning from a SWHS building perspective. Please make your course selections carefully as the data from registrations will be used to create courses, plan the master schedule, and hire/assign teachers for the upcoming school year. Arranging a schedule for school is very difficult so it is very important to note that students’ requested courses are final.

Southwest offers many events and resources for students and families to take advantage of for successful course planning for the upcoming year. Please take advantage of these various activities so that you are prepared to submit final course requests at the designated registration date. As an entire staff, we look forward to working with you to ensure thoughtful, intentional course planning decisions.