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High School Foundations Class

  HSF = Academic support for students with an IEP


High School Foundations will assist students in the development of knowledge and skills to be successful in the high school environment. Students will learn to independently approach assigned material and tasks with confidence and be able to successfully follow through on assigned tasks. Students will also have time to work on IEP goals with Special Education teacher support.


  • Develop a sense of community with peers throughout the school
  • Understand and follow schoolwide expectations
  • Demonstrate organizational skills including daily use of planner, tracking assignments and making due dates
  • Develop metacognitive awareness "thinking about my own thinking"
  • Work on "My Life Plan" using district database
  • Understand and use good time management skills
  • Learn and use (textbook) reading strategies
  • Develop good listening and communicating skills
  • Learn and utilize good test taking strategies
  • Increase media/technology literacy


  • Grading will follow the Minneapolis Schools grading scale. 
  • Students earn points for class assignments (40%), using good study/work skills during independent work time (50%), and semester exams (10%).