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About the Mosaic

The Mosaic is a student-produced, -edited, and -created publication.  It publishes works of literature and visual art by students of Southwest High School in Minneapolis, MN.  The Mosaic formerly had an annual print edition; this year, we're going online with this website, though we may do some advertising or other things in print.

About the Editorial Board

The Mosaic's editorial board is composed of Southwest High School students.  We select pieces to be included in the Mosaic and have a key role in every element of the publication--advertising, publicity, design, finances, website coding.  There is a place for everyone, freshman or senior, on the editorial board.  Meetings take place on Wednesdays before school at 8:00 A.M. in the IB and A&H office.

This year's editors-in-chief are Alexia Klatt and Megan Hughes-Morrison.  Alena McNamara is the webmaster; she can be contacted through the form below or the Mosaic general email.

Staff List: coming soon!

Contact Us

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