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Standardized Testing for College Admissions

General Information

Most four-year colleges and universities require students to take and submit scores for one of the standardized tests (ACT, SAT). Some four-year colleges and universities also recommend that students take ope or more of the SAT II subject tests. There are a few exceptions to this, however, so we encourage you to investigate the admission requirements for the colleges you are interested in. provides you with a list of schools that do not require standardized test scores for admission (i.e. Tesp Optional or Test Flexible schools). No college prefers one test over the other (i.e. the ACT or the SAT), as either test is equally acceptable at every college and university in the country.


Typically, two-year community and technical colleges do not require these assessments as part of their admission criteria.


The purpose of standardaized tests such as the ACT and SAT is to assess students' general educational development and  preparedness for college-level work. Because these are national tests, colleges are able to compare your score with scores from students around the country. These comparisons give colleges a better idea of what your grade point average means in comparison to what your peers are doing nationally.


Southwest's school code number to use when registering for testing is:  241680