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So you're going to high school...

Going to high school can be exciting but sometimes also a bit of a scary thought for some kids, particularly if you have spent all your school life in the one school.
You know the school, you’ve been through all the grades with most of the same kids and you know almost all the teachers in the school and they all know you. Of course in your last year you have also been one of the 'big kids' and have had a lot more responsibility, taking on leadership roles for the younger students.

But soon you will be going to high school where you will be a 'little kid' again, you will need to make new friends, work with new teachers who don’t know you, find your way around a new place and….

Before your first day of high school, ask yourself these questions.

What do you think high school will be like?

What are you looking forward to?

What are your concerns or fears?

What rumors have you heard?

You should discuss your concerns with your parents, teachers, and or school counselor.  Don't go to high school afraid!  Remember information will give you power!

High Schools have a student orientation night.  Go and meet you future teachers, walk around the school, and introduce yourself to other freshmen.

Remember that everyone else who is starting high school for the first time will be feeling just like you.

Even those people who seem super cool are nervous too. They maybe better at hiding their fears or maybe they are looking at high school as being a wonderful new challenge with lots of opportunities for learning new things and making new friends, which of course it is.