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Scope and Sequence
Module 1: Safety and First Aid
•    Safety at home, work, and in the community
•    Motor vehicle safety
•    Weather emergencies

Module 2: CPR/AED Training and Emergency First Aid
•    Responding to an emergency (check, call, care)
•    CPR/AED training (adult, child,
•    First aid for injuries (bleeding, poisoning, burns, broken bones, shock)
•    Common emergency situations (heart attack, stroke, heat and cold-related, nosebleeds, seizures, asthma episodes)                                 
Module 3: Prevention of Abuse in Relationships
•    Types of abuse (physical, mental/emotional, verbal, causes statistics, cycle of violence) 
•    Roles of victim and abuser, warning signs 
•    Breaking the cycle, healthy relationships 
•    Family and child abuse  

Module 4:  Asthma Awareness II
•    Definition, symptoms, triggers
•    Reducing asthma at home, school, and environment
•    Myths and Truths
•    Medications
•    Emergency treatment and resources
Module 5: Depression and Suicide Prevention
•    Anxiety and depression   
•    Resiliency  
•    Suicide risk factors and prevention   
•    Getting help, methods, services, and agencies
Module 6: Abstinence and Contraception
•    Choosing and practicing abstinence      
•    Limit setting, refusal skills, and decision-making    
•    Types of contraception    
•    Community resources    

Module 7: Unintentional Pregnancy
•    Pregnancy      
•    Adoption  
•    Abortion  
•    Teen parenting  

Module 8: Sexually Transmitted Infections
•    Preventing and reducing the risk  
•    Types/transmission/symptoms  
•    Testing and treatment
•    Community resources 

Module 9: HIV/AIDS
•    HIV/AIDS definition, risk factors and transmission   
•    Symptoms and testing  
•    Diagnosis and treatment  
•    Prevention strategies  

Module 10: Understanding Grief and Death
•    Grief and loss defined, types of grief  
•    Five stages of grief, coping with loss  
•    Issues surrounding death (life support, living wills, hospice)  
•    Support systems (personal and community) 
Module 11:  Consumer Education
•    Being a wise consumer
•    Evaluating media messages
•    Analyzing products, information and services
•    Health technology – latest trends

Module 12:  Community Health
•    Selecting health care services (health care system, physicians, records)
•    Accessing school and community health care services
•    Financing health care
•    Community resources