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Science at Southwest 2020-2021


Science is an essential part of the curriculum at Southwest High School and is offered at many levels over the four years of high school.


Current course offerings include: MYP Physical, MYP Biology,


Plus IB Diploma Program courses in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.


The advanced courses offered include:  IB SL Environmental Systems , SL Chemistryears 1 and 2,

IB SL/HL1 Biology, IB DP HL2 Biology, IB DP HL /AP Physics year 1 and 2,




The science staff welcomes your interest.  Below is a list of the contact information for the science faculty.  Their individual web pages can be found by clicking on the teacher's name below. 



Bergseid, Sherwood

Bierden, Lona

Blascyk, Teresa

Anderson, Yara



Lepansana,  Molly

Pearson, John

Rumppe, Teresa

Alison Stortz

Schoenecker, Joan

Swanson, Tanna

Arunachalam, Shyalamala

Wiard-Bauer, Linda

Zdrazil, Tom