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Resources for Students

Check this section for suggestions on electronic resources for research, writing and analysis of history.


Ancient Internet History Sourcebook.  Run by Paul Halsall at Fordham University, this is a great place to look for primary sources in ancient world history.

Medieval Internet History Sourcebook.  Run by the same guy at Fordham University.  A hand-dandy site for primary sources on Medieval Europe.

Modern Internet History Sourcebook.  Guess what?  Yeah, same guy.  Topics, modern world history from the Protestant Reformation to the 20th century.  Lots of good stuff here.

Citation Machine.  Use this engine to help you document your sources for history papers.  Remember to use the Chicago citation format.

ACE Practice tests.  This little gem of a website contains practice tests for every chapter out of the Kennedy textbook for APUSH.  A word to the wise however:  the chapter are divided up by the latest edition of the book (44 chapters - your book has 42).  No problem, this page is still useful for preparing for the pesky multiple choice tests we have in APUSH.  Check out