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Prom Rules






  • When guests are allowed at a dance, a guest registration form must be completed by the guest, guest’s parents and the guest’s school administrator and returned to the SWHS office no later than 3:00 pm on Wednesday preceding the dance.   Forms will not be accepted after this time and the guest will not be allowed to attend the dance.  Forms are available in the office or from the ticket sellers.   A SW student is allowed to bring one guest only.  A guest who is not currently a high school JUNIOR OR SENIOR must be a previous year (2016) Southwest High School graduate in order to attend the dance.  Any other guest must be a junior or senior enrolled in another high school.
  • A list of approved guests will be posted in the office regularly.  The SWHS student is responsible for checking the list to confirm that his/her guest’s paperwork has been received
  • All tickets are sold in advance.   No tickets may be purchased at the door.   Ticket sales are limited, so don’t wait until the last minute.
  • All SWHS students and their guests must present a school/photo ID to be admitted to the dance.  No ID – no entry to the dance.
  • Students will attend dances sober and chemical free and without possession* of alcohol, chemicals or tobacco.

(*Possession includes on the person, in the car or in the building where dance is taking place.)

CONSEQUENCE:  SWHS staff will intervene with any student arriving at dance under the influence of alcohol or chemicals or in the possession of alcohol, chemicals or tobacco in the following manner:

·         Staff will call parents to pick up their son or daughter at dance;

·         If parents are not reached, staff will send student to the police station where parents can pick up their son or daughter when they are reached;

·         School consequences include:

o   Suspension from school;

o   Loss of athletic eligibility for two weeks/two games

o   Loss of Fine Arts (Band, Choir, Orchestra, etc.) eligibility for one week;

o   Loss of other activities responsible to the High School League such as Dance Team, Debate, Cheerleading, Speech, etc.

o   Parent/Social Worker/Administrator conference upon student’s return to school

  • No beverage bottles or containers may be brought into the dance.
  • Random background checks on guests may be done.  If a guest has any prior police contact that includes arrest for assault, DUI, or dangerous behavior, their guest registration may be rejected.
  • SWHS school officials have the right to deny entry into the dance without prior notice.  No refunds will be given.
  • Once a student has been admitted to the dance, he/she may not leave and return to the dance. 
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately and maintain the expectations of the school dress code.
  • Appropriate dancing will be enforced.  If a student does not respond positively to a chaperone’s request to cease inappropriate dancing, the student will be escorted out of the dance.  No refund of admission will be given.
  • In the case of ejection from the dance, transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the student and parents.