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School-Based Student Resources

Southwest's Counseling Department is here to support you with personal, social/emotional issues.

SWHS School Counselors


Community-Based Student Resources for Personal Issues

Below are some web sites that address various personal mental health and social issues. 


  • Alanon/Alateen
    This site contains basic information about this organization which assists adults and teens with alcohol related concerns. It includes 20 questions designed to help you decide whether or not you need Al-Anon, 20 questions designed to help teenagers decide whether or not Alateen is for them.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    This link is to the teen section of the well known twelve step program for treatment of alcoholism.
  • Anxiety Disorders
    The National Institute of Mental Health gives a sketch of each known anxiety disorder and has a keyword search to help identify symptoms.
  • Black Board On-line
    Informative site on a variety of issues of interest to gay and lesbian students.
  • Eating Disorders
    Research conducted and supported by the National Institute of Mental Health on causes and treatment of a variety of eating disorders.
    The web site of National Eating Disorders Association, a nonprofit organization devoted to the awareness and prevention of eating disorders.
  • Eating Disorders
    Collection of informative articles collected by various non profit organizations.
  • Internet Mental Health
    This site attempts to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. It describes the 532 most common mental disorders, 67 most commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs, and offers online diagnosis.
  • Personality Online
    Resource for self discovery and personal development. Here you will find everything from a variety of personality tests to a comprehensive database of personal development related resources.
  • Suicide Prevention
    FAQ on suicide, symptoms of depression and suicidal danger signs, most common misconceptions about suicide, what students should do if a friend had depression, what hospitalization does for depressives and a recommended reading list.
    • ​See Dr. Smith's blog post about Netflix "13 Reasons Why" 
    • See additional resources for students and parents about stress, mental health, and suicide 
  • Teen Advice
    An excellent site with lots of info on all sorts of teen issues plus connections to additional sites. Topics include dealing with alcohol issues, transitions to college, bullying, date rape and abuse issues to name a few.
  • Teen New Horizons
    A self help site for the families of out of control teenagers. Concerns include behavior, mental health, drugs, alcohol and sex.
  • Understanding Depression
    Explains the difference between normal emotional lows and this serious disease. Includes a simple online assessment to see if you are depressed.
  • Web of Addictions
    The Web of Addictions is dedicated to providing accurate information about alcohol and other drug addictions. It has links to treatment organizations and organizations promoting prevention of substance abuse.
  • Youth Resource
    Links for young people on many common issues and concerns of a personal nature