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Welcome to the Mosaic

Welcome to the Mosaic, Southwest's Literary and Arts Magazine-- now online!

 You can access art and writing pieces by Southwest students by clicking the "Art" and "Writing" links to the left.  In the art section, see a larger version by clicking the image.

If you're looking for a piece by a specific student, try the List of Authors, also through the link on the left.  This list is organized alphabetically, and clicking on the name of a piece will bring you directly to that piece, whichever page it is on.

To find out more about the Mosaic--who we are, and what we do--click the About Us link on the left.  For new developments on the website and with the Mosaic itself, try "What's New?".

Thank you for visiting the Mosaic online!  We hope you enjoy this showcase of student-produced literary and visual artwork.  Please come again!