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Welcome to Ms. Kouneski's web page


I have taught in the Minneapolis Public schools since 1993. I love teaching at Southwest! I came to teaching as a career after serving in the Peace Corps in Thailand, where teachers are revered. People I met always asked me, "When you go home will you become a teacher?" When I got home I worked for a non-profit organization with refugee students attending our High Schools. I soon learned about the joys and rewards of teaching, so I did what my Thai friends had suggested and became a teacher!

I have a Master's in Education from the University of St Thomas, and I am a National Board Licensed teacher in History at the high school/young adult level.

My philosophy of teaching History is to make the curriculum as relevant to the student as possible. We look for connections to the present when studying the past. I am also very interested in students challenging themselves, working outside of their comfort zone, trying something new. Students in my classes are asked to  create meaning and develop a deeper understanding of the content as a learning community. Students do this through seminar, group projects, and individual study.

The best way to contact me is through email: