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Jennifer Casell
Mrs. Casell
Mrs. Casell school picture 2011-2012

Hello!  My name is Jennfier Casell.  I teach in the Autism Program here at Southwest High School.  I have been teaching children with Autism since 1999 and I hold five special education licenses including the new Autism license and one general education license.  I have completed my Special Education MA at the University of St. Thomas and now hold a MA in Special Education - Autism.

I prefer to be contacted by email.  I have a phone in my room with voice mail, but like all teachers I rarely have time to talk on the phone during the school day.  If you call the school at 612-668-3030 you can ask to be connected to my voice mail which I try to check daily.  The best way to contact me is through

My dog Luigi next to my new rain garden.
email.  I will try to get back to you within 48 hours excluding the weekends.

If you need to meet with me please email me and we can then set up a meeting date and time.  I ask that you please DO NOT drop into my classroom without setting up an appointment first.  I may not be available to speak with you and setting up a meeting first can save both of us time and effort.

Please click on the link below for more information including syllabi for the classes I am teaching this year, information on parent portal, and other related articles about autism.


Nana and the boys
My boys with their Nana
Contact Information:


More Information Click Here!

Picture of my trip to the Boundary Waters in 2002.

Below you will find information about parent portal, student portal, classroom for success, and links to the classes I am teaching this school year.

Parent Portal

Like last year SWHS is continuing the parent portal database.  Parent portal is a database that parents can access at home to look up your child's attendance and grades including missing assignments.  I highly recommend that every parent enroll for parent portal and weekly check on

Flower by the Pacific
Flower by the Pacific
their child's progress.    

You can access parent portal by visiting the Southwest home web site, clicking on "Parents" and then logging onto "Parent Portal Login".

Student Portal

Students can find student portal by going to the Southwest home web site, clicking on "Students" and then logging onto "Student Portal".


Redwood forest
Colonel Armstrong tree in the Redwood forest
will be required to login using your New MPS Email User Name and Password. If you are unable to log in, contact your school library media specialist Mike Reis 668-3030. 

After you login, you will be able to do the following:
  • Take practice tests and assigned tests from your teacher or district.
  • View your own test results.
  • View class schedules.
  • View
    Half dome in Yosemite
  • View assignments and assignment summary.
  • View standardized test results.
  • Change MPS email password.
  • Create tasks and events within your own personal calendar.

Student Portal is a good way to start building personal responsibity!  Please encourage your child to get into the habit of checking student portal weekly and working with their teachers as a team.

document Responsible Adulthood and Citizenship Syllabus   --  This is the syllabus for 6th hour government class.