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IB Diploma Program Options

Students in the IB Program at Southwest High School can choose from several levels of involvement.  The IB Diploma is the most rigorous pathway available, as detailed below.  The Southwest Achievement Medallion is awarded to students who take and test in five different AP and/or IB subjects during grades 9 - 12, as well as complete the 10th grade Personal Project (or an equivalent CAS project in grades 11-12 if the student did not have the opportunity to complete the Personal Project).  Students can also choose to take and test in individual IB subjects to earn an IB Certificate, or take no IB  tests at all.

The IB Diploma (Internationally sanctioned and recognized)

 ·        -- Take and complete IB Courses and IB exams in 6 areas over a two-year period.  At least three and no more than four must be HL exams.  (One exam in each of five academic areas:  English, World Language, Individuals and Societies, Math, Science and one additional area: Fine Arts, Business Management, Psychology, another science or another world language)

·         --Successfully complete a 4000-word research-based Extended Essay.

·        -- Successfully complete CAS (creativity, activity service) requirements – document and reflect upon CAS experiences and a month-long CAS project over the junior and senior years

·         --Successfully complete the Theory of Knowledge Course.

·         Students are eligible for the IB Diploma by completing the above requirements they achieve the IB Diploma by earning a specified number of points (out of a possible 45) through the exams, the Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge Class.

The Southwest Achievement Medallion (Southwest High School sanctioned)

·         Take IB or AP courses and IB or AP exams in five different subject areas over the 9 - 12 grade school years.  These can be either HL or SL exams.

·         Successfully complete the 10th grade personal project or if the student did not have the opportunity to complete the personal project they may complete an equivalent CAS project in 11th or 12th grade. 

IB Certificate

· IB awards the student with a certificate for each testing session during which they taken an IB exam.