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FUKUSAWA - March 11th due

Use attached sheet to know chapters and questions required

Codes of merchant houses

As with the Samurai hand out, complete the questions in this packet.

Samurai Reading questions

Read through this set of Primary Sources. With a partner type your answers to the questions on the back and turn them in. Be thoughtful about your responses.

Shinto Pod Cast

Listen to the BBC Pod Cast, In Our Time - Shinto. Take notes:

First, try to ignore the super pretentious host! His guests are great! Focus on them!

Listen for information on core beliefs, practices and "structure" of Shinto.

Listen for history of Shinto, how it transforms over time.


Closed Country Japan?

Click on title for documents ^^^

Click on "people groups" below for visual links:







1. Notes in notebook on the article by  Conrad Totman

2. Divide up into 5 groups and read the section of the "people group" you are assigned. Work together examining the visuals and the documents, answer the questions and put together a presentation for the class.

3. Take notes on other group presentations.

4. Answer the question: To What extent was Japan a Closed Country?