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Advanced Placement United States History

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Course Description/Purpose      

APUSH is a survey course in United States History from its origins to the present.  The course seeks to explore major issues, turning points and people in U.S. history.

Student homework and class activities are geared toward developing the skills necessary for success on the AP U.S. History exam, given in May of 2019. Our approach is to develop historical skills such as causation, continuity and change, comparison and historical interpretation.

APUSH lays a special emphasis on the examination of historical perspective.  Every effort will be made to avoid a dogmatic approach to history, to challenge past assumptions and stereotypes, and to study multiple (sometimes conflicting) narratives in history.  The burden is on the student to answer the questions and develop their own perspectives, as well as an understanding of perspectives that they might not agree with or share.  






Direct Access to Pearson web page:

John Green, Crash Course U.S. History videos (youtube):

Gilder Lehman Review Videos:

Hennepin County Library Page:

Library of Congress U.S. History Primary Docs Page:

Gilder Lehrman Institute Page:

The Declaration of Independence:

The Constitution of the United States:

C-SPAN Presidential Historian's Survey:




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