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Students who are enrolled in challenging coursework should consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) tests.  These courses and tests allow students to explore the subject matter in greater depth as well as to prepare them for college level work. 


Following the conclusion of the class, students can elect to take the AP test.  This test demonstrates to colleges that you are serious about your academics and are preparing yourself for college-level work.  Further, students may earn credit, advanced placement in courses, or both for college. Students earn a score from 1-5 on each exam, and colleges generally give credit for scores of 3 or higher.  Check with the individual colleges to learn their policies on accepting AP scores. As with SAT IIs, students should take the AP test IMMEDIATELY following the conclusion of the class.


Students who take the AP test should also consider taking the appropriate SAT II test.   The SAT II test may be recommended or required for admission to some colleges. 


Students who take non-AP accelerated courses are also eligible to take the AP tests.  Check with your teacher to see if your course has the appropriate preparation for an AP test. See your counselor with questions.