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612MTB Team/Southwest HS Mountain Bike Team
2018 Southwest Mountain Bike Team
2018 Southwest Mountain Bike Team
2018 Southwest Middle School Team
2018 Southwest Middle School Team

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The person to contact at Southwest is José Fresco, Spanish teacher, room W-319.

JOIN THE TEAM!!! Everyone is welcomed on the team. It doesn't matter your skills. We have had riders who at the beginning of the season could not go up any hills, and now they are finishing races and doing very well. It will improve your stamina for other sports that you do in the winter. It will also give you confidence to try other sports. So, if you like to ride a bike, join the team!!! It is fun, everyone rides and races. Nobody is left out. And, on top of all, they are a fun group to hang out. Just look at the pictures below.

The 612MTB mountain bike team includes 7th to 12th grade riders from Washburn, Southwest and South high schools, plus a Minneapolis Southside Composite (which is composed of home schooled students, students who attend private schools but don't have a team, and students who live in Minneapolis but attend schools outside the district that don't have a team either).

Practices are on Monday, Thursdays and Saturdays, and races are on Sundays. We don't practice on Saturdays that we have a race. The last race is a two day event because there are more than 60 teams racing and more than 1400 riders.

All four teams practice together, but during the races, each high school races individually. Also, each rider races for his/her team and earns points towards his category/class and towards the team. Points are awarded for each rider, 1st place 500, 2nd, 495, 3rd, 490, etc. Only the best eight riders' points (per team) are counted toward the team overall points for that particular race, and there has to be at least 2 female riders. If theren't any female riders, only the three best male riders' points will count toward the total.

Since Southwest started racing in 2015, it has finished second, except last year that we finished third. However, we have (and have had) some of the best males and female riders in the state. Foss Kerker, Adlai Sinkler, Torsten Brikema, Henry Hall, Zoe Camp, Kasia Bednarski, Sudie Hall and Cooper Camp. This year we hope to do well because Zoe, Sudie and Cooper are returning plus we have a bunch of newcomers, and they look strong. This 2019 season looks very promising.


Tonja Sahaydak -

Phil Bode -

Chris Hedlund -

Wallace Alexander -

José Fresco (asistant coach - liason/contact at Southwest High School) -



6th Graders: Will Brandvold and Zach Keller.

7th Graders: Moen Erickson, Zoe Summer, Oskar Eilefson, Julia Lynch, Tryggve Thorson and JP Walker.

8th Graders: Ben Brandvold, Henry Giles, Samantha Eberly, Spencer Evans, Nathan Hickman, Parker Hunt, Andrew Sweirenga, 

9th Graders: Evan Byron, Jonah Byron, Kai Lamb, Eddie Reed, Wes Summer, Gwen Reginold, Alex Bennett, Jane Rittler, Hank Gisselman, Emmett Kepler, Sarah LaBarre, Ben Mimick, Jeanie Reed and Walter Zell.

10th Graders: Cooper Camp, Lucas Linnebach, Maya Amundson, Miguel Fresco Hanlon, Bergen Thorson and Padraic Mosher,

11th Graders: Jack Alexander, Luke Gilbertson, Eddie Rittler, Stas Bednarski, Jack Bradnvold, Eva Peters, Sudie Hall and Saunder Strong.

12th Graders: Zoe Camp, Natasha Levy and Isaac Trockman.


This year there are seven races with two by-weeks (we only have to race five races): Middle schoolers race on Saturday and High Schoolers race on Sunday.

Race 1: Aug. 24/25 - Schindler Way Trail, Austin, MN

Race 2: Sept. 7/8 - Bye week (we don't race) - Lake Rebecca, Rockford, MN

Race 3: Sept. 14/15 - Bye week (we don't race) - Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, WI

Race 4: Sept. 28/29 - White Tail Ridge, Riverfalls, WI

Race 5: Oct. 5/6 - Detroit Mountain, Detroit Lakes, MN

Race 6: Oct. 12/13 - Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN

Race 7: Oct. 26/27 - Mt. Kato, Mankato, MN. Championship (EVERYONE RACES)



Below are last year's results:

  • Austin: the race was rained out and only raced 7th, 8th and 9th graders.



  • Lake Rebecca: we finished SECOND. We had a good race. A broken derraileur to a one of our top riders prevented us from finishing in first place. Below are the results.

Top finishers:

Varsity Girls: (4 laps in 4 mile course). Zoe Camp, FIRST!!!! (TWO min. ahead second place). Kasia Bednarski, SECOND!!! (a whole min. ahead of third place). Sudie Hall, FIFTH!!!!

JV2 Boys: (they do two laps): Luke Gilbertson, 6th and Jack Alexander, 9th.

JV3 Boys: (three laps): Stas Bednarski, 8th.

Varsity boys: (4 laps): Jack Brandvold, 8th and Henry Hall 9th.



  •  Detroit Mountain (Detroit Lakes): We finished FIRST!!! We had a very good race again with no mechanical problems on anybody. Everybody looked strong.

 Top finishers:

Varsity Girls: Zoe Camp, FIRST!!! (almost TWO minutes if front of second place...again). Kasia Bednarski, 3rd, and Sudie Hall, 8th.

Varsity boys: Jack Brandvold 10th.

JV3 Boys: Stas Bednarski, 2nd.

JV2 Girls: Nathasha Levy 13th, .

JV2 Boys: Luke Gilbertson 17th.

Freshman Girls: Maya Amudson 13th.

Freshman boys: Cooper Camp 2nd.



  • White Tail Ridge (River Falls, Wisconsin):

 Top Finishers:

We finished FOURTH We had a good race, but one of our top riders was ill and couldn't make it.

Varsity Girls: Zoe CampFIRST!!!! and Sudie Hall, 8th.

Varsity boys: Jack Brandvold 5th.

JV2 Boys: Stas Bednarski, 3rd.

JV2 Girls: Nathasha Levy 8th, .

JV2 Boys: Luke Gilbertson 11th.

Freshman Girls: Maya Amudson 23th, ,

Freshman boys: Cooper Camp 2nd.



  • Mount Kato (Mankato, Minnesota) :We had another great race. We finished THIRD even though one of our best riders was so sick that he had to go home. Otherwise we 

 Top Finishers:

Varsity Girls: Zoe Camp 1st place, Kasia Bednarski 6th and Sudie Hall 7th.

Varsity boys: Jack Brandvold 7th.

JV3 Boys: Stas Bednarski 2nd.

JV2 Girls: Natasha Levy (12th)

JV2 Boys: Jack Alexander 17th and Luke Gilbertson 18th.

Freshmen girls: Maya Amundson25th.

Freshmen boys: Bergan Thorson 22nd and Miguel Fresco 32nd. Cooper Camp (didn’t race because an illness…he was very disappointed and he wanted to race, but his health comes first).



  • Final Results for 2018We finished THIRD behind Stillwater (first) and Edina (second).


Individual Results:

Varsity Girls: Zoe CampFIRST!!!! Kasia Bednarski6th, and Sudie Hall, 9th.

Varsity boys: Jack Brandvold 8th and Henry Hall 44th

JV3 Boys: Stas Bednarski 2nd and Isaac Trockman 74th

JV2 Girls: Nathasha Levy 15th

JV2 Boys: Luke Gilbertson 14th, Jack Alexander 24th, Saunder Strong 39th and Eddie Rittler 77th.

Freshman Girls: Maya Amudson 22nd

Freshman boys: Cooper Camp 14th, Bergen Thorson 27th, Miguel Fresco Hanlon 38th, and Lucas Linnebach 100th

Kasia Bednarski, Zoe Camp and Sudie Hall
Kasia Bednarski, Zoe Camp and Sudie Hall at Lake Rebecca
Kasia Bednarski at Lake Rebecca
Kasia Bednarski
Henry Hall at Lake Rebecca
Henry Hall
Zoe Camp at Detroit Lakes
Zoe Camp
Natasha Levy at Lake Rebecca
Natasha Levy
Isaac Trockman at Lake Rebecca
Isaac Trockman
Sudie Hall
Sudie Hall
Jack Alexander
Jack Alexander
Luke Gilbertson
Luke Gilbertson
Eddie Rittler
Eddie Rittler
Stas Bednarski
Stas Bednarski
Jack Brandvold
Jack Brandvold
Saunder Strong
Saunder Strong
Cooper Camp
Cooper Camp
Maya Amundson
Maya Amundson
Lucas Linnebach
Lucas Linnebach
Bergen Thorson
Bergen Thorson
Miguel Fresco Hanlon
Miguel Fresco Hanlon
612 MTB Team 2018 Seniors
612 MTB Team 2018 Seniors
612 MTB 2018 Team
612 MTB 2018 Team