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You can  submit a photo for consideration for the 2017-18 (Next Year's) yearbook.You will need the Southwest High School job # 803379 - No password is necessary.

Important dates for the 2017-18 Yearbook.

September 8th - Lifetouch Picture Day!  Seniors, it is important to have your picture taken by Lifetouch, even if you submit or plan to submit a senior photo for the yearbook.  This initial list is what we base the yearbook on!  If you don't have your picture taken with your class, it's possible you could be missed for the yearbook.  It happens every year that someone forgets to submit a photo. :-(  We don't like to leave anyone, especially seniors out of the yearbook.

We MUST have written permission to print student photos in the yearbook - it is a district policy. If you don't have a lifetouch photo taken, you may not be in the yearbook.

Senior Photos are DUE November 15th
You can upload your senior photo to the 2018 yearbook by going to

You will need to enter the project number 803379

To submit the photo for the yearbook, you will need to agree and enter your name and email address and a phone number. 

Senior Photos being submitted must include the senior’s name.

Senior photos should be “cropped to 8x10 portrait orientation at a minimum of 300 dpi(should be around 1 meg sized file).  Seniors who do not submit a photo will have their Lifetouch photos used.  DO NOT submit LANDSCAPE (horizontal) oriented photos.    Senior photos must be recognizable.  No props.

There is no “Password” required for the submission of a photo.

If you are looking for a Photographer to take senior pictures, here are some who've worked with SWHS Seniors in the past.

Questions: Contact Mike Ries  at 612 668 3039


PDF Media Release Form hmong   --  Yuav tsum muab rau cov ntaub ntawv rau cov menyuam kawm ntawv ua yuav muab tso rau hauv lub yearbook.
PDF Media Release Spanish   --  Debe ser archivada por los estudiantes para ser incluidos en el anuario.
PDF Media Release - English   --  Must be on file for student to be included in the yearbook.
PDF Yearbook Handout - How to upload pictures.   --  Instructions for senior pictures and sharing photos through the Imageshare apps to the yearbook.