2015 SWHS Boys Tennis Web News

Please see the right sidebar for 1) coach contact info & 2) scheduled matches 2015  ----->>>

The following players will be headed to Reed Sweatt on the bus at 2:15 Monday.
Jonathan Perzel
Will Puzak
Sam Stovitz
Anthony Siegfried
Ben Stevens
Sam Loomans
Javi Marcos
Luke Peterson
Russell Pekala
Carson Mair
Will Whisler
Will Berestka
Strom Keehn
Huck Sorock
Max Vandermyde
Mattias Codutti
All other players meet Duncan at Pershing for practice after school.
Thank you,
We hope to see many new parents and fans cheering on our players this season. Go Lakers!

From the Boosters:
In recent years, our tennis families have generously funded the recurring costs of current and upcoming tennis seasons. With the payment of our 2014 winter & spring court fees, we have drastically depleted those funds and are in need of new contributions to keep our boys on the courts and having fun. We depend on per-player contributions to meet all pre/current/and post-season costs. We ask for a minimum $75-per-player contribution, but ANY contribution amount is helpful. Please take a look at the cost analysis provided below!

What you get for your Investment (ROI):_vs._Similar activities' value:
10-12 winter captains’ practices_____________ $350-450 (10-12 clinics)

2h practice sessions, daily_________________ $40-60 (2 h court time), daily

15 regular season matches________________ $50-100 (each tournament)

daily coaching__________________________ $25-45 semi-private coach, per hour

Plus team meals, banquet, team travel and immeasurable fun and friendships with schoolmates VS. meals, travel costs, and difficulty making friends because players live across the metro area.

Please make contributions to Southwest Boys Tennis Boosters c/o Allison Stevens, 4500 York Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55410. To make a tax-deductible donation, make a check payable to Southwest High School and be sure to note “for Boys Tennis (preferably, still send to Allison). If you must mail directly to the school to qualify for matching funds from your employer, please notify Allison and send the check to Sharon Larson, c/o Southwest High School, 3414 W 47th, Minneapolis MN 55410.

*If you have to miss a practice or match, notify coach ASAP, no later than the day before if at all possible* contact info at top of right sidebar----->
It is your duty to your teammates to be accountable for any absences so we can plan the best practices possible.
Facebook: Players join 'Southwest Mens Tennis' group for team updates from your captains.
Boosters (Parents, Alumni, Community) join 'Southwest Boys Tennis Boosters'.

Practice Schedule
Every day of tennis season has either practice or matches. (Find match info in right sidebar-- when available.)

Plan on practice from 4-5:40. That isn't a long practice, so please be on time!

Most practices and home matches will be at Linden Hills, Pershing Park, or Lynnhurst Tennis Courts, as available.
Indoor Courts will be secured as necessary for weather: usually Reed Sweatt (RSFTC), Fred Wells (FWTEC), or Baseline (UofM)

Match Schedule
Match dates and locations are posted in the right sidebar. For most matches, athletes report to the bus between 2:30-3:00pm depending on travel time, and are on the courts by 3:30. Matches normally begin between 3-4pm (see right sidebar).

Match Locations & Results
Varsity match directions & results available on the MHSL website.
Link to 2014 MSHSL Boys Tennis (SW page) including major dates for 2014 season, with start of season/ practice (3/24/14), section playoffs, etc.

Become a member of the USTA to play in USTA tournaments off-season: to become a member, click here. You can search for USTA tournaments HERE.

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