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SLP's working with the Autism Team at the High School Level

Working with Students in the Autism Program


  1. Work directly with students in groups
  1. During Individual Objectives hour in Autism classrooms
  2. Specific times allotted for speech/language students as well as other students in the program (12 currently have services listed on their IEP’s, 18 do not, 2 students are not available for groups (6 periods of mainstream classes)
  3. Lessons to focus on social communication skills and hidden curriculum
  4. Community outings when possible (to local stores, restaurants, MCTC, etc.)


  1. Work with Autism teachers:
  1. Co-teach lessons when possible
  2. Discuss lessons and how information can be reinforced during the week and skills can be practiced again
  3. Develop curriculum relevant to the students needs
  4. Add a social skills/pragmatics component to lessons for content classes taught solely in the Autism program (e.g., English, Science) that addresses the standards (e.g., empathy, perspective taking, non-literal language) and reinforces social skills lessons


  1. Work with the Autism SEA’s:
  1. Possibly meet with them during lunchtimes 1x per week (when students are in individual objectives, SEA’s are in other classes)
  2. Provide them with handouts regarding specific skills being worked on
  3. Meet with them individually to discuss students/issues
  4. Have them collect data on specific skills in the classroom


  1. Work with mainstream teachers:
  1. Meet with mainstream teachers to discuss goals and progress (regularly)
  2. Give suggestions or ideas to increase Autism students’ participation and understanding (e.g., provide examples, discussion, give cues to look up from desk, facilitate participation in groups)
  3. Discussion of classroom curriculum and how we can foster learning and attention to social skills
  4. Problem solving any issues with peers