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Course Health 1 Semester 1 or 2

Teacher Wendy Earl

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Textbooks: (Electronic) Glencoe Health -2009

Classroom Moodle, Minneapolis Public Schools

Students will be able to make informed decisions that enhance individual, family and community health in all six priority health areas:

*to promote healthful nutrition and dietary practices

*to promote physical fitness

*to reduce and prevent drug and alcohol use

*to reduce and prevent tobacco use

*to reduce and prevent intentional an unintentional injuries

Examples: depression, suicide prevention, dealing with death and grieving, goal setting, time management, stress and coping strategies, getting along with others and yourself

* to reduce and prevent HIV/STI/unintentional pregnancies


1. Daily participation and attendance are combine in this manner. Each day that you are present and on time you earn five points. Excellent attendance is thus rewarded. Official required field trips, death in the family, court appearances and religious holidays will be treated as present in class. Your attendance points are factored into your total grade; therefore, attending class will only help your grade!! Tardies are detrimental. You will only receive 3 points for the day if you come with a pass. If you are tardy & without a pass you will be counted absent for the class period.

2. Major assignments/projects: All students are expected to do class assignments and turn them in ON TIME. Examples are: Visual projects, research papers, oral presentations, daily assignments, homework and color packets. Extra credit will not be given or accepted.

3. Tests

Quizzes given as necessary

Chapter or unit tests

Take home test

Projects or packets may take the place of a test

Point totals are recorded and a percentage determines the grade

There are no retakes of a test.

4. Late assignments and make up work: Late assignments are deducted automatically. Late means any time after the due date. Late assignments will be accepted for 2 weeks after the due date, after that it turns to a zero and will NOT be accepted. This also includes tests.

Late assignments that come in within the 2 week time period will be deducted points. Example: an assignment is worth 15 points I will deduct 5 points one time only. That means if you hand it in 1 day late, 3 days late or on the last day of the 2 week period I only take points off one time. Assignments worth more points will have a bigger deduction, again one time only. If a field trip is scheduled or you plan to be gone on the last day of the 2 week period it is your responsibility to get it to me BEFORE you leave. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!

When I assign homework I always give plenty of time to complete the task., (usually 3 days to a week), rarely do I ask you to do an assignment and have it due the next day.

Students must be alert to due dates. It is the students responsibility to make up missed assignments. It is also strongly suggested that you keep all graded papers that I return to you, then you have verification of completed and graded homework, should there be any discrepancy.

5. Grading

Point totals are recorded and a percentage determines the grade. The grading criteria is as follows:

100-93% = A 76-73% = C

92-90% = A- 72-70% = C-

89-87% = B+ 69-67% = D+

86-83% = B 66-63% = D

82-80% = B- 62-60% = D-

79-77% = C+ 59% & below = F


Be courteous and respectful of others

Treat others with respect both physically and verbally

Treat school and personal property with respect

Bring necessary learning materials to class EVERYDAY. Book paper and pen/pencil, and folder

Be on time (that means in the classroom when the bell rings)

Hats, caps, walkmans, ipods, cell phones need to OFF and HIDDEN

Do your best and have a positive attitude

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