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Students in Ms. Woebke's Spanish students need the following materials:

  • A Spanish-English dictionary  Larousse or University of Chicago are good choices for paper dictionaries.  The app is great electronic dictionary for smart phones.  Even if a student has a smart phone, a paper dictionary is a good back-up.  Dictionaries provide more information than translators, and translators are not permitted for written assignments.
  • If you are planning to take Spanish 4 or 5, you may find 501
    Spanish verbs
    a useful book as well.
  • A spiral notebook and folder dedicated to Spanish class  Buy a sturdy folder so that it will last all year. 
  • Textbooks and novellas that will be issued during class  Be sure that you do not have any libary fines which will prevent you from checking out books from the Media Center, because Spanish 3 classes will begin using the books right away. I do not have extra books in the classroom for student use, and it will be very difficult to succeed without them.  You
    will also need an I.D. card to check out books, so if you have lost your ID, be sure you pay the $5.00 to replace it.
  • Pens and pencils  Buy as many pencils as you can afford and keep them in your locker. 
  • Markers or colored pencils will be helpful for many assignments, but are not required.

We can always use the following for the classroom: tissues, hand santizer, cleaning wipes, paper towels.  If you would be willing to send in some supplies, that would be much appreciated.