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Teaching a lesson in Psychology

2-3 people =20minutes minimum


Your task is to teach the class about a topic from one of the four psychology perspectives, Abnormal, Human Relations, Developmental, or Sports.    Be creative, have fun, and enjoy teaching, it is quite enjoyable!  It is also one the best learning methods imaginable.


You will be responsible for the following:

1.        Before you teach you must submit to me a written lesson plan, what your objectives are and how you will achieve those objectives.  The students must be assessed to determine if your words of wisdom were heard.

2.       A visual!  Again, don’t be afraid to be creative, your main goal is getting your message across.

3.       You must demonstrate that you have knowledge of the subject.

4.       Interaction!  I know that sometimes (too often) I do not practice what I preach, but interaction of some sort helps keep the learning going as a dialog.

5.       Assessment of knowledge gained.  No, you do not have to give a written quiz, but it will be fun to see (or maybe not so much fun) if your lesson was heard and understood. 

6.       After your lesson, I will have you write a brief summary of your experience, how did it go?

If you want, you can have a whole class period, so mix it up, have fun, and try to keep everyone involved!


Mark Scheme:

1.       Written lesson Plan   (5 pts) -titled with key question- objectives, schedule (plan), how are students to be assessed?

2.       Visuals   (10pts) - attention getter? Informative?

3.       Knowledge of Subject (15pts)   (psychology lingo?)

4.       Interaction?  (10pts) Class involvement and attentiveness

5.       Class assessment  (5pts)

6.       Presentation (5pts) all speak, all group contributed? time frame