Southwest Singers

The Southwest Singers is an auditioned 118 voice ensemble comprised of juniors and seniors that represents Southwest High School in a variety of competitions and community venues.  The choir performs repertoire from a wide variety of styles and historical periods and competes each year in the Minnesota State High School League Large Group Choral contest.  

On Wednesday, April 15 we leave for Washington, D.C.  The itinerary is posted below.

There are ten meals that are not included in the cost of the trip.  Seven of those are while we are traveling.  Students are welcome to bring food from home to defray the cost.  We will be stopping at food courts, rest stops, etc for meals while on the road.  If a student buys food each time, expect to spend between $4-7.  Students will have three lunches while in D.C. that are not included in the cost of the trip.  Those will cost a little more - budget $8-12 for those. 

If a student buys every meal figure on $80 - 90 for food.  If a student wants to buy mementos, figure on a little extra.  $100 - 150 should meet most students' needs. 

We return on Monday, April 20 between noon and 2:00 p.m.  We will have students communicate with parents/guardians when we are a couple hours away from Minneapolis.




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