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The Southwest Math Team has had the largest math team in the state of Minnesota every year for that last several years. Overall last year, 114 students participated in at least one of the five available competitions. Additionally, there were 15 students who participated in practices but never made it to the competitions.

The team has been successful in recent years, winning the Minneapolis division every year for the last nine years and finishing within the top ten teams in the state during several of those same years. Last year was no exception. The Varsity team finished the season ranked 7th in the state out of 168 teams in the league. Successful schools in the league usually have really large populations from which to draw participants. I'm proud of the fact that nearly all of the teams ahead of us (and many of the teams behind us) are from bigger schools.

The Minnesota State High School Mathematics League exists to identify students who have unusual mathematical ability, to give them recognition and encouragement, to bring them together with similarly gifted students for mutual stimulation, and to prod them into the study of topics not commonly taught in the high school curriculum.

As the coach of the Southwest Math Team, I try to go further by encouraging as many students as possible to participate in math team practices and events. While the math teachers at Southwest certatinly recognize that our academic club isn't first on everyone's list, we stand by our belief that many students will significantly benefit from the experiences we offer in practice and in competition.

Our practices will only run two times per week this year, thanks to the restrictions placed on us by construction. The afternoon practice will be on Monday afternoon. It will be 'open' and geared toward the individual events. The Thursday morning practice is 'semi-closed' and intended for students on the varsity and junior varsity scoring teams...but anyone is welcome to come and participate in the learning.

Additionally, the Southwest Math Team and the Southwest Math Department host the American Mathematics Competition Exams  (AMC 10 and AMC 12) in February. We will run two sessions this year, both after school. Contact David McMayer if interested.

Practices will start in September this year and continue through February. Contact David McMayer for details about joining the team next year.