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Girls Fastpitch Softball

Dear Parents/Guardians and Players:

Welcome to Southwest Softball! We are excited for this spring and the upcoming softball season! This season we are hoping to obtain excellence on and off the field by instilling a confidence in our team while gaining an understanding of the sport. Our philosophy is to implement the 3 H’s: Head, Heart and Hands, which will be driven by dedication, commitment, and hard work. We strive not only to teach the game of softball, but to instill life long lessons as well. With the commitment of the players and coaching staff, together we can bring a successful season to Southwest High School! With that being said, we would like to share with you our guidelines and expectations to help make this season successful:

    We will work on developing skills for the game of softball as well as life. We expect that our athletes exhibit these skills in competition and in the community. Our goal is to place our athletes in positions as well as on teams that give them the best opportunity to gain playing time experiences. As a result, a player may be asked to make changes in something (skill or position) from which you may have been accustomed.

    The coaching staff will be regularly checking our student athlete’s attendance and grades for each class. Attendance in school is mandatory to either play in a contest or practice that day. Please remember that the athletes are students first. We expect our athletes to perform with excellence both on the field and in the classroom.

    Players are a representative of Southwest High School and our softball program. Your behavior, attire, and appearance are a reflection on all of us. Respect teammates, opponents, umpires and coaches. Teasing, practical jokes, and hazing of any kind will not be tolerated – on the field, in school and in the community.

  As a member of our softball program, it is expected that you are committed to the program as well as your teammates. Because softball is a team sport, your attendance is imperative! A team may struggle reaching its potential without all its members consistently attending. If you are going to miss for any reason please notify your coach the day before practice or a game.


If you have questions or concerns regarding anything, please feel free to contact us. Each of us works at Southwest High School and are very accessible to the students during the day.


Alex Case

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