School Improvement Plan


This School Improvement Plan has been developed with the involvement of the community to be served and individuals who will carry out the plan. The planning process is used to align all major programs at your site to improve teaching and learning. The planning team assumes responsibility for planning and implementing the School Improvement plan. It should represent the diversity of the school population and include all stakeholder groups (principals, teachers, other staff, students, family and community).
Category Name Name
Teacher Name and Grade/Subject Shaun Flandrick, Instructional Facilitator
Teacher Name and Grade/Subject Michael Ries, Media Specialist
Teacher Name and Grade/Subject Holli Hoffman, IB MYP and Title I Coordinator
Teacher Name and Grade/Subject Linnea Hempel de Valdez, EL Coordinator
Teacher Name and Grade/Subject Jane Hall-Dayle, SPED Coordinator
Parent Name Christine Belfry-Johnson
Community Member Christine Alfano
Student Name Fatima Ahmad
Other Staff Name Danielle Jastrow
Technical Assistance Provider Ellen Shulman, School Improvement Specialist
Principal Name Elizabeth LaCoursiere, Intern Assistant Principal
Principal Name Rasheedah Ali, Assistant Principal
Principal Name Dr. Bill Smith