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Sayles, Joe


Welcome to Southwest High School. I have been supporting students in a variety of social studies and special education settings for over 20 years. I hold all students to high expectations for academic performance and behaviors while differentiating for individual needs.
Subject:  Social Studies (Govt./Econ.) for students in the SWAG program- School within a School

The School Within a School Program exists at six Minneapolis high school sites. Students are supported during the school day prior to failing course work. Curriculum will be a blend of direct instruction and project-based learning. Flexible programming is used to accommodate diverse life situations, including smaller class sizes,  individual support,  while helping students fulfill requirements for graduation.

Room :  W118
Phone: 668-7478 (voice mail only) or call the office 668-3030
This is the best way to reach me. I am committed to answering all emails within 24 hours.
My classroom rules are simple to understand and remember:
1. Be ready (on time with supplies) 
2. Be nice  
3. Work hard 

If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email.  Thanks, Lets work together and have a great year.