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College Admission Rep Visits

Each year, over 100 college and military representatives visit Southwest to meet with our students. We highly recommend that students, specifically juniors and seniors, take advantage of these visits. 


As we have discussed, college rep visits are an important part of the college search and application process. 
Meeting with reps allows you: 
1)to get answers to questions directly from a college representative, 
2) to demonstrate interest in colleges,
3) to meet the individuals who are your direct advodates through the process and who often are a critical part of the decision team, and
4) to explore colleges whose location makes visiting a challenge.


A couple of important things of which to be aware:

  • Following the process indicated above is important as it respects teachers and classroom time.
  • Signing up on Naviance prior is critical! With potential space constraints, an accurate number of how many will attend allows me to make other arrangements as necessary.
  • All visits are scheduled to take place in the Career & College Center, room 104. Students should report to the CCC and will be redirected should changes occur due to space constraints, etc. 
  • Due to timing, visits are reserved for juniors and seniors only.
  • Visits are not open to parents/guardians who wish to attend. Adult participation changes the dynamic of the visit. 
  • If interested students are not able to attend the entire visit, stopping by for materials or to meet the rep is encouraged. As indicated above, many reps will make note of contacts and note in applicant's application file. 


Tips for a good visit and for making a great impression

  • Be prepared to introduce yourself and answer questions about intended area of study or interest in institution
  • Be a great audience--no phones or side conversations. Take notes if possible--after a while, colleges begin to sound alike.
  • Be prepared with "Tier 2" questions. These are questions to which answers go beyond just a simple fact and are framed to prompt more discussion from the rep.
    "Tier 1" questions are those to which the answers can be easily found on the website. Examples include:  Where are you located? Do you have ___ major? How many students are enrolled? 
    "Tier 2"  demonstrate actual interest and knowledge about institution. Examples include: Please describe the internship or research possibilities available for freshmen or sophomores. Where do students interested in advanced degrees typically enroll? Can you describe your career services and job placement services? Can you describe the ___ vibe on campus? (ie, sports, fine arts, theater, intramurals, policitcal activism, social justice, etc). 


****Students: If you are interested in meeting with a college rep who is visiting SWHS you must:****

 The process for participating in visits is listed below:

On Naviance:

  1. Log into Naviance account 
  2. Click Colleges, upcoming visits
  3. click on college that you'd like to visit
  4. select sign up (you will receive an email reminder 24 hours in advance of visit)

After signed up on Naviance:

  1. Pick up a gold College Rep Visit Pass from CCC or Counseling
  2. Complete pass with your name and ID--written legibly!
  3. ask teacher for permission to attend PRIOR to visit (like a day before--not 5 minutes before); teacher approves and signs (PLEASE NOTE--it is up to the discretion of the teacher as to whether you are able to leave class to attend)
  4. attend visit
  5. sign in on attendance form in CCC
  6. If needed, pick up gold pass to return to class
  7. If visit runs into next hour, please take gold pass to Ms. Christine in the main office to clear attendance--this is YOUR responsibility and not the responsiblity of your teacher.


FAQs about Rep Visits:


Do I need to register in Naviance in order to attend a visit?

  • Yes, please.  Registrations give us an idea of how many student we can expect to see, and we use this information for scheduling purposes. If you are unable to register, you may still attend.


Why should I meet with reps who come to SW?

  • They can offer a wealth of information about their schools and answer any questions you have about attending the school or paying for college.
  • Meeting with visiting reps also shows your interest in a particular school, which can be an important thing to communicate to the colleges you plan to apply to. This is called demonstrated interest in the college admissions world.
  • It’s cheaper to visit with a representative at SW than to visit a campus (especially for colleges in other states!).  Start by asking your questions and getting a feel for the college through a conversation with a visiting rep.  If you’re still interested in the school, consider scheduling your own campus visit.


How do I know who's visiting?

  • All visits are listed in your Naviance account. Select colleges and view upcoming visits. (Note: this is also where you will register for visits!) This list is most up-to-date.
  • In print on the bulletin board outside the CCC.
  • In the Monday Newsletter, the CCC Happenings, emailed out to all students (lists any visits for that week and the following week)
  • Newsletter can also be found here:  CCC Happenings (in SW Counseling website)


What happens at the visits?

  • After brief introductions by students and the representative, the college rep typically spends the first part of the visit describing the school and programs offered. S/he may tailor the description by asking students questions about their interests prior to launching into their description.  Visits often end with time for questions from students about the school, programs, admissions process, financial aid options, etc.
  • Students will find visits most helpful if they come prepared with questions about their specific interests.  Questions should go beyond the basic information that students could find on their own (for instance, “How big is your school?” can be answered by looking at the school’s website). 


Parents:  please note that these visits are reserved for students only.  Please connect with the representative about meeting him or her outside of the school day, or check the CCC Happenings for local college events.