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Quarter 1 Calendar


Date Learning Objectives Class Activities/Resources Assignment
Monday, 8/28/17  

no school (9th grade orientation)


Tuesday, 8/29/17  

no school (9th grade orientation)

Wednesday, 8/30/17


Students filled out an Introduction Questionaire

Reviewed the syllabus. Students are suppose to have a parent sign the syllabus and return it to Mr. Sturm.  Here are some slides that were shown.

Period 3 only

Introducted the Internal Assessment.  Students were given two model pieces of work to read, as well as a list of topics that students wrote projects on last year.


Have parent sign your syllabus and return it to class tomorrow

Thursday, 8/31/17


Students checked out textbooks from the media center


Brainstorm two questions that you would be interested to use statistics to help answer.  Consider questions of the type that address whether two variables are somehow related, or linked?


Friday, 9/1/17

 I can classify a variables' data as either categorical, quantitative discrete, or quantitative continuous

Each student turned in two potential internal assessment topic ideas

Our class began Topic 2: Descriptive Statistics

Students received an assignment sheet that outlined the new unit.

6A Notes

6A (p. 160) #1efghijklm, 2efghijklm

Monday, 9/4/17   no school (Labor Day)  
Tuesday, 9/5/17
I can represent quantitative discrete data in a frequency table, a column graph, and a dot plot;
I can make a column graph for a data set on a graphing calculator;
I can describe the shape of quantitative discrete data as symmetric, negatively skewed, or positively skewed, as well as determine the presence of any outliers.

6B Notes

6B (p. 165) #2-4
Wednesday, 9/6/17 I can construct frequency tables and column graphs for grouped quantitative discrete data; 
I can construct frequent tables and histograms for quantitative continuous data.

Corrected 6B HW

6C and 6D Notes

6C (p. 166-167) #1, 2


6D (p. 168 -169) #1, 2, 4
Thursday, 9/7/17
 I can solve problems about measures of center (mean, median, and mode);
I can use my graphing calculator to make a frequency table, and then find the mean and median of the data set represented in the frequency table.

Corrected 6C and 6D HW

6E.1 Notes

6E.1 (p. 172 - 174) #1, 2, 9, 12, 14

(due Monday)

Friday, 9/8/17 project day

HW Self-Assessment for Assignment Numbers 1 - 3

Students tried some in-class example problems from Section 6E.1.  Here is the key

The class spent the time during the period looking at some good sources to find data for their internal assessment.  Here are some comments from Mr. Sturm regarding project topic ideas.

6E.1 (p. 172 - 174) #1, 2, 9, 12, 14


Write down two more project topic ideas

(due Monday)

Monday, 9/11/17 I can determine in which contexts it is most appropriate to use mean verses median verses mode to measure the center of a data set.

Corrected 6E.1 HW

6E.2 Investigation

6E.2 Packet
Tuesday, 9/12/17  
can find the mean, median, and mode of a data set that is represented by a frequency table, and in the case of grouped data, in a grouped frequency table.
I can find the mean and median of a data set using technology.

Corrected 6E.2 Packet

6E.3 and 6E.4 Notes

Ms. Ledman will speak to class about a concurrent enrollment option

WS 6A - 6E.4
Wednesday, 9/13/17 project day

Corrected WS 6A-6E.4

Students had the opportunity to use a laptop to search some potential data sources for data sets that they may later choose to use on their IB internal assessment

9/13/17 Slides

 study for Quiz 6A - 6E.4
Thursday, 9/14/17 n/a Quiz 6A - 6E.4 (20 points) Write down two more IB internal assessment project ideas
Friday, 9/15/17   I can determine the five statistic summary for any data set.
I can determine the range and interquartile range of a data set.  In addition, I use these to describe the spread of a distribution knowing the limitations of each of these measurements.


HW Self-Assessment for Assignment Numbers 4-6

6F Notes

6F (p. 184) #1ab, 2, 4
Monday, 9/18/17 I can create box plots and parallel boxplots using 5 statistic summarys, and then use the boxplots to interpret (and compare) data sets' centers and spreads Corrected 6F HW

Discussed Quiz and HW Self-Assessments Results

6G Notes


6G.1 (p. 188) #2, 5

6G.2 (p. 190 - 191) #1-3

Tuesday, 9/19/17 I can construct a cumulative frequency tables and graphs, which I can interpret to find median and quartile values, as well as values that correspond to percentages Corrected 6G HW

Due to the fact that Mr. Sturm was absent, students will watch some YouTube videos about cumulative frequency graphs as opposed to taking traditional notes.  Here are the videos:

Drawing CFGs

Reading CFGs

(Here is some  IB grid paper that comes in handy when making cumulative frequency graphs)

6H (p. 195-196) #1, 2, 4, 5

Note: #1 and #4 require drawing CFGs on IB Grid Paper!

Wednesday, 9/20/17 project day

shortened period for assembly

Corrected 6H HW

Students will have the opportunity to assess whether their leading choice for a project idea will be a good fit.  Here is an example of how to complete the Internal Assessment Topic Brainstorming WS

Internal Assessment Topic Brainstorming WS
Thursday, 9/21/17

I can calculate the standard deviation of a data set by hand

I can compare means and standard deviations for data sets to describe how they compare


Students spent one more day working on cumulative frequency graphs.  Worktime was provided to complete WS 6H.  In terms of your yellow assignment sheets, consider WS 6H to be Assignment #9(b) ... (add it to your list of assignments).  Students were encouraged to check their answers using this WS 6H Key.  Here are today's slides.

complete WS 6H

Friday, 9/22/17

I can calculate the standard deviation of a data set by hand

I can compare means and standard deviations for data sets to describe how they compare

HW Self-Assessment for Assignment Numbers 7-9, and WS 6H

6I.1 Notes 

6I.1 (p. 199-200) #4, 5

Monday, 9/25/17 I can approximate the mean and standard deviation for grouped data

I can identify how to find the mean and standard deviation on a graphing calculator

I can compare the spreads of two data sets represented in various graphical forms to determine which has the larger standard deviation

Corrected 6I.1 HW

HW Self-Assessment

6I.2 and 6I.3 Notes

6I.2 (p. 201-202) #3, 6, 7


6I.3 (p. 203) #1, 2

Tuesday, 9/26/17 review day


Corrected 6I.2 and 6I.3 HW

Worktime on Review Packet

Topic 2 Test Review Packet

Review Packet Solutions

Wednesday, 9/27/17 review day Warm-Up

Corrected Topic 2 Test Review Packet

Discussed Seven Potential Areas of Confusion

study for the test
Thursday, 9/28/17 test day Topic 2 Test (Chapter 6)