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Class Activities


Mon 04/04/16

  • Feedback on Essays and Grades. All resubmissions are due Friday 4/08/16
  • Introduction to Ethics as an AOK
  • Group Activity on Ethics Cases

Ethics PowerPoint

Ethics Cases

 Group work. If absent, take notes on the PowerPoint and for each of the 5 Cases: 

1. What would you do in each case if you were to decide the fate of the case? 

2. What approach to ethics did you use to make that decision

Tues 04/05/16

  • Finished Discussion of the 5 Cases group activity


See the assignment on 04/04/16.

Wed 04/06/16

  • Discussion of Cases
  • Resolutions of Cases 

Thurs 04/07/16

  • Ted Talk on Dishonesty and Intuitions that may be wrong
  • TOKA #1
  • SWHS Academic Honesty Draft Review

Ted Talk

Academic Honesty Policy

TOKA #1 

1.Is it okay to cheat sometimes? Why? When?

2.Is there a line between acceptable cheating unacceptable cheating? Where is it? Give an example.
3.In school, is cheating ever okay? Why or why not?
4.What are some of the reasons why students cheat?
5.What should be done when students cheat? Why?


Review the Academic Honesty Policy and turn in any changes you believe are necessary.

Fri 04/08/16

  • Spar
  None - Spar Day

Mon 04/11/16

  • Presentation overview
  • Presentation Rubric
  • Presentation example 
  • Groups and topics
Presentation Info
  • Finalize Group and Topic
Tues 04/12/16
  • Work on Presentations
Computer Lab  
Wed 04/13/16
  • Work on Presentations
Computer Lab  
Thurs 04/14/16
  • Work on Presentations
Computer Lab  
Fri 04/15/16
  • Work on Presentations
Computer Lab  
Mon 04/18/16
  • Ethics Scenarios and write up of TOKA #2
Ethics Scenarios  TOKA 2: Using the approaches to ethics and notes on ethics, plus your personal beliefs and shared knowledge of your discussion group explain/illustrate what you would do in each scenario.
Tues 04/19/16
  • Moral Reasoning Test
Take the Moral Reasoning tests TOKA 3:  Write up your results and explain if you agree or disagree, why or why not.
Wed 04/20/16
  • Presentation 1
    • Henry T, Antonia P. Josie M.


Thurs 04/21/16
  • Presentation 2
    • Olivia C. Jillian K. Kally C.
Fri 04/22/16
  • SPAR Day! Let's get ready to rumble
Mon 04/25/16
  • Presentation 3
    • Julian K. Royce H. Sophia M
Tues 04/26/16
  • Presentation 4
    • Keiran Z. George P. Pablo M.
Wed 04/27/16
  • Presentation 5
    • Soren K.
    • Yoko K.
    • Josie K.
Thurs. 04/28/16
  • Presentation 6
    • Henry K. Cecilia C Izzy C
Fri. 04/29/16
  • Spar
Mon. 05/02/16
  • Presentation 8
    • Tigerlilly B. Madeline P.       Olivia F.


Tues. 05/03/16
  • Presentation 9
    • Sonya C. Sophie H
Wed. 05/04/16
  • IB and AP tests 
Thur. 05/05/16
  • IB and AP tests
Fri. 05/06/16
  • Presentation 10
    • Ivy G. Arianna T.
Mon. 05/09/16
  • Presentation 11
    • Mohamed S.     Jimmy P. Carter M.
Tues. 05/10/16
  • Presentation 12
    • Pearl, 
Wed. 5/11/16 to Mon 05/16/16
  • History 

Watched Videos

Toka #4: History

Summarize what you learned about history during your time with Marsnik/Rumppe. 


Tues 5/17/16 to Fri 5/20
  • History

Toka #5: Goodbye/Good Riddance

Write a poem about your personal history. How would you like to be remembered? 

Tues. 5/17/16 to Fri 5/20
  • History

Historical Quotes

Toka #6: Notes and Quotes

Select a quote from the link on the left and thoughtfully respond to it.

Mon. 5/23
  • Art

Create an Art Piece 

Gallery Walk

Turn in your creation and Gallery Walk sheet
Tues. 5/24
  • Art
Art or Not?

Toka #7: Art or not?

Review the PowerPoint slides on the left. 

Wed. 5/25
  • Art
Finished Toka #7  
Thurs. 5/26
  • Art

Art Silent Discussion

Shared their Thoughts

Tolstoy's article

Think Piece: What is Art to You?  DUE Friday, June 3rd

Tokas are due June 3rd! 

In your TOKA use the Article given to you today, think about our discussions, and write a personal, yet fully developed, definition of what Art is, what it means to you, why it is important to us, as humans. Feel free to add in additional research to back up your claims. 

Fri. 5/27
  • A different form of Art? 

Guest Speaker: 

Veronica Kowalewski


TOKA #8: Things to Ponder

Compare and contrast – insults in Shakespeare’s day vs today

What’s the difference between friends messing with each other and a genuine, meant-to-be-hurtful insult?

What’s the focus of insults today vs insults in Shakespeare’s day?

Compare and contrast how people handled insults in Shakespeare’s day vs today

Innuendoes – double meanings – what do YOU use?