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Class Resources


Mon. April 6
  • Welcome Back!
  • Guest Speaker - Economic Development and Ethics


Tues. April 7
  • Feedback on Essays
  • Introduction to Ethics as an AOK
  • Group Activity on Ethics Cases

Ethics PowerPoint

Ethics Cases

If absent today please read the ethics cases and write out how you would resolve each case using a different ethical approach for each. There are 5 approaches to ethics which can be found on the PowerPoint to the left. Turn this in for your participation credit for today.
Wed. April 8
  • Ethics  as an AOK
Finished Discussion of the 5 Cases group activity  

Thurs. April 9

  • Ethics  as an AOK
Ted Talk

Q4: TOKA #1

 1.Is it okay to cheat sometimes? Why? When?

2.Is there a line between acceptable cheating unacceptable cheating? Where is it? Give an example.
3.In school, is cheating ever okay? Why or why not?
4.What are some of the reasons why students cheat?
5.What should be done when students cheat? Why?


Fri. April 10
  • Presentations
See link to Presentation Information on my main page. Bring ideas of controversial topics to class on Monday!
Mon. April 13
  • Work on Presentation

Tues. April 14

  • Work on Presentation
Bring resources, electronic devices Bibliography with description on how you would use each source
Wed. April 15
  • Work on Presentation
Bring resources, electronic devices

Bibliography with description on how you would use each source

Turn in Outline and Bibliography by Friday

Thurs. April 16
  • Study Hall
Band/Choir Trips

Turn in Outline and Bibliography by Friday

Fri. April 17
  • Study Hall
Band/Choir Trips

Turn in Outline and Bibliography by today!

Mon. April 20
  • Work on Presentation
  • Work on Presentation
Tues. April 21
  • Jefferson Group
  • Art as an AOK
  • Jefferson Group
  • Murder and Robbery Activities

Wed. April 22
  • Summing up Ethics
  • Toka #2

YouTube Link Ethics


  • Presentations

- Micaela 8:35 - 8:45 AM

- Luc 8:50 - 9:00 AM


TOKA #2 Ethics Knowledge Framework

1.What is the SCOPE of Ethics? In other words, what is it about?
2.What are the CONCEPTS/LANGUAGE of Ethics? In other words, what are the words and ideas we use when talking about ethics?
3.What is the METHODOLOGY use in Ethics? In other words, how are ethical decisions made? What ways of knowing are applied?
4.How has Ethics developed HISTORICALLY?
5.What LINKS TO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE can you identify? In other words, how do you use ethics in your life?


Thurs. April 23
  • Presentations

 - Margaret 7:50 - 8:00 AM

  • Presentations

- Alex & Hunter 8:30 - 8:50 AM

-Isabelle & Cleo  8:55 - 9:15 AM

Fri. April 24
  • Presentations

-Lilly, Anna, and Margaret-Ann 7:35 - 8:05 AM

  • Presentations

- Lydia 8:35 - 8:45 AM

- Mitchell 8:50 - 9:00 AM

- Mclean 9:05 - 9:15 AM

Mon. April 27
  • Presentations

-Illyana, Sadie, and Arden  7:35 - 8:05 AM

  • Presentations

- Conlan 8:35 - 8:45 AM

-  Grace & Lenna                8:50 - 9:10 AM


Tues. April 28
  • ACT Day
  • ACT Day
Wed. April 29
  • Presentations

-Allie 8:05 - 8:15 AM

  • Presentations

- Tor & Liam 8:35 - 8:55 AM

- Will W 9:00 - 9:10 AM


Thurs. April 30
  • Presentations

- Grace, Emma & Sophia                                7:35 - 8:05 AM

  • Presentations

- Helen 8:35 - 8:45 AM

- Holden 8:50 - 9:00 AM

- Jonah 9:05 - 9:15 AM


Fri. May 1
  • Presentations

- Dawes 7:35 - 7:45 AM

- Spencer 7:50 - 8:00 AM

- Graham 8:05 - 8:15 AM

  • Presentations

- Emerson & Maisy 8:35 - 8:55 AM

- Will K 9:05 - 9:15 AM


Mon. May 4

The Arts

  • Art Project
  • Gallery Walk
  • Discussion


Gallary Synopsis

Art Analysis Sheet


Homework: Bring an object or picture of an object (not a human/anima face) and share one important quality which makes the object beautiful.
Tues. May 5

The Arts

  • Share & Tell
  • TOKA #3 "Art or Not"
  • Discussion questions
PowerPoint TOKA #3 is on the PowerPoint to the left.
Wed. May 6

The Arts

  • TOKA #4: What is Art?
Power Point TOKA #4 is on the PowerPoint to the left.
Thurs. May 7

The Arts

  • Guest Speaker
  • Discussion

Art Speaks Video

What can Art Teach Us?


If you were absent please watch the videos and answer the discussion questions on the PowerPoint to the left!
Fri. May 8 SPAR Day!    
Mon. May 11 Art History

 TedTalk by Thelma Golden



1.Do you think images can be so powerful they can be catalysts for change? Why or why not?
2.How do museums impact our lives? Our culture?
3. Does all art, whether high or low, reveal our societal values? And/or influence our values? Explain.
Tues. May 12 Why do we study History in School?


Article 1 Stearn

Article 2 Zinn


TOKA #6: If you were gone you will need to read both articles on the left.

Directions for Article notes, Group Discussion questions, and TOKA #6 are on the PowerPoint to the left.

Wed. May 13

History - Is it reliable?

Ted Talk

First-Hand Accounts of a History Event


If you are absent complete the questions on the First-Hand Accounts sheet to the left and the Class Discussion questions/Activity Questions on the PowerPoint to the left.
Thurs. May 14 Herstory

Article - HerStory




Interesting Website too!

TOKA #7: YourStory

1.What do you want to be remembered for?  What is Yourhistory?
2.Who is this article about and why is she famous?
3.Why did she choose her specialty? How will you choose your specialty? Any ideas?
4.How does Emilie du Chatelet exemplify Zinnger’s deconstruction of history?
Fri. May 15 SPAR Day!   None

Mon. May 18


The Danger of a Single Story


"Me" Circle in Frame Map

"USA" Circle in Frame Map


Put your name in the center and circle it. Describe yourself with nouns and adjectives. Put a box around your descriptions. Now write your frame of reference for that idea.

Repeat with USA in the center. Frame - only media frame of reference.

Tues. May 19

Indigenous Systems

Interesting Websites:

Peoples of the World

MN Indian Tribes


Rick Hill You Tube

FAQ Sheet

Article: Who Are Indigenous Peoples: How Our Societies Work

TOKA #8: Who are Indigenous People?

 1.After today’s lesson how would you define Indigenous Knowledge? Why?

2.Using the FAQ sheet and the article what are some shared characteristics amongst Indigenous groups?
3.Why do you think there is an interest in studying Indigenous Knowledge Systems throughout the world?
4.What are some things we could learn from Indigenous peoples? Why?


Wed. May 20 Indigenous Systems


A Story by Robert Wolff

Barong YouTube

TOKA #9: Shared Characteristics

Questions are on the PowerPoint to the left

Thurs. May 21 Indigenous Systems


Wade Davis Ted Talk

Case Study Analysis Sheet

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Complete the Case Study Analysis Sheet in groups and prepare to present to the class.
Fri. May 22 SPAR Day!    
Tues. May 26 Wrap up Indigenous Systems Case Study Presentations and Discussion  
Wed. May 27 Wrap up Indigenous Systems    
Thurs. May 28 Wrap up Indigenous Systems    
Fri. May 29 Religious Systems Day 1 Round Robin Discussion FINAL TOKAS ARE DUE!
Mon. June 1 Religious Systems Day 2

Wrap up Round Robin


Introduction to the 5 World Religions

If you were absent please write out your responses to this PowerPoint and turn it in by Wednesday!
Tues. June 2 Religious Systems Day 3

The 7 Dimensions of Religion


Review the PowerPoint to the left. Complete the last slide using a Religious Organizations you have some knowledge about. Write in examples for each dimension from that Religion.

Watch the YouTube by Narnian Smith.

Wed. June 3 Religious Systems Day 4

God v. Science Article


It you were absent today read the article to the left and review the PowerPoint. Summarize the main ideas and turn it in.
Thurs. June 4 Study Hall Study Hall Be prepared to quietly study today.
Fri. June 5 Final TOK Day

District Survey

Self Evaluation - Participation

Religious Systems  Round Robin

Final Evaluation of Course