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Wed. Jan 20
  • Welcome to TOK!
  • Mystery Objects
  • What is Theory of Knowledge (TOK)?
  • Syllabus
  • Ways of Knowing
  • Reading for tonight


What is TOK - YouTube

PowerPoint Day 1

First Uncle Article

Purchase a TOKA notebook

Read: First Uncle Article

Thurs. Jan 21
  • TOKA #1
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Large Group Discussion
  • Volunteers for SPAR tomorrow
PowerPoint Day 2

TOKA #1  

1.Would you trust Quang’s father as your doctor? Why or why not?
2.Do you believe Quang’s account of the ghosts? Why or why not?
3.What do you believe about Quang’s account regarding his life in the cave? What don’t you believe? Why?
4.Is this book fiction or nonfiction? Explain your reasoning.
5.Whose world holds more factual truths, yours or Quang’s? Or are they equally valid?
Fri. Jan 22 Spar Day! PowerPoint Day 3 None
Mon. Jan 25
  • Finish the discussion on Toka #1
  • Community of Knowers survey
  • Toka #2 and discussion
PowerPoint Day 4

Toka #2 - Questions are on PowerPoint Day 4

Tues. Jan 26
  • Becoming Philosphers - what are they?
  • Modern Day Philosophers
  • Personality Tests


Scroll down to Jung Typology Test

PowerPoint Day 5

Toka #3

1.In a few words or phrases, describe yourself. Is this easy? Difficult? Why?  

2. After you have taken both of the personality tests to the left, jot down any interesting or troubling discoveries.

3. Did the results from these tests confirm what you already knew? Do you disagree with any of the results? Why or why not? 

Wed. Jan 27
  • Discuss in small groups the community of knowers data
  • Determine discussion norms

Community of Knowers Survey

Gregore's Survey

Gregore's Characteristics

Think Piece #1

Write a 1 page free write essay about "you" as a knower. Think about the survey "community of knowers", the "Who am I" TOKA, the personality quizzes we took, and the Gregore's characteristics as you write your essay. Describe you as a knower so the reader really understands how you think, process, and learn new information.


Thurs. Jan 28
  • The Extended Essay
  • What is it?
  • Exploration of the categories

Link to the Extended Essay Handbook


Turn in completed handout in 2 weeks from today:

February 11, 2016

Fri. Jan 29
  • Car Crash - Who did it?


How to write Knowledge Questions

Car Crash Activity Sheet
Mon. Feb 1
  • Car Crash Activity - completed
  • Knowledge Questions
Power Point

Turn in Car Crash Activity Sheet


Think Piece #1

Tues. Feb 2
  • The Nature of Knowledge
Power Point

Toka #4

Questions are on the PowerPoint

We will finish this on Thursday

Wed. Feb 3
  • The Nature of Knowledge


Pgs. 18-20

Pgs. 21-22

Do the Exercises on the top of pg. 18, pg. 19, and on the bottom of pg. 22. Be prepared to discuss on Thursday. 
Thurs. Feb 4
  • The Nature of Knowledge
PowerPoint Finished TOKA #4 - on PowerPoint
Fri. Feb 5
  • SPAR Day
Mon. Feb 8
  • Creativity in Schools
  • Imagination as a WOK

TedTalk: How Schools Kill Creativity


Class Discussion

No Homework

Tues. Feb 9
  • Group Work - Create your own School
Create your own School

Assignment if you were absent is to complete the Create your own School group activity solo and schedule your presentation with me.

Wed. Feb 10
  • Group Presentations
  No Homework
Thurs. Feb 11
  • What is Love?
  • Emotion as a WOK

What is Love YouTube

Power Point

Fredrickson's Article

Think Piece #2 - Due Tuesday, Feb 16th

Read Fredrickson's Article and Find an article or interview someone who disagrees with the claim made in the article. Write a summary of the claim made in the article and a counterclaim you found. Make sure to have support for your counterclaim (i.e., justified belief). Please type and cite your Work!


Fri. Feb 12 No School   Parent Conferences
Mon. Feb 15 No School   President's Day
Tues. Feb 16
  • Group Presentations
Continued from last week  
Wed. Feb 17
  • Unpacking the TOK Essay

 Power Point

The Prescribed Titles

Outline Forms

Note deadlines below!
Thurs. Feb 18
  • Unpacking the TOK Essay Part 2


Links to helpful Sites:

TOK site from IBO

TOK Essay Info on SW site

Deadlines for the TOK Essay

Outline due – Wed Feb 24, 2016

Rough Draft due – Wed Mar 9, 2016
Final Paper due – Wed Mar 16, 2016


Fri. Feb 19
  • Spar Day
Link to Extended Essay Info Extended Essay Advisor Form Due today!
Mon. Feb 22 Faith as a WOK PowerPoint on Faith TOKA #5 is on the Power Point to the left
Tues. Feb 23
  • Religion - Suffism


If you were absent on this day research what Suffism is all about and write about  what this religion is about. What are the main elements of this religion and beliefs. 

Wed. Feb 24
  • Religion - Buddism


If you were absent on this day research what Buddism is all about and write about  what this religion is about. What are the main elements of this religion and beliefs. How is this religion different from Suffism?

Thurs. Feb 25
  • Religious Systems
Essay on the 7 Dimensions of Religion by Rennie None
Fri. Feb 24
  • Religious Systems

The Seven Dimensions of Religion by Ninian Smart PowerPoint

TOKA #8 is on the Power Point to the Left
Mon. Feb 29
  • TOK Essay

Read the exemplar essay and desconstruct it.  Turn it in if you were absent.

In other words:

1. Find the Knowledge Question

2. Find the Author's Claim and supporting arguments

3. Find the counter claims and supporting arguments

4. Find the Ways of Knowing used

5. Find the Areas of Knowledge addressed

6. What is the author's conclusion?

7. What other thoughts do you have about this essay?

Tues. Mar 1
  • Sense Perception
  • Sensory Walkabout
  • TOKA #9 

Sense Perception


TOKA #9 Sensory Walkabout 

Questions are on the PowerPoint to the Left. 

Wed. Mar 2
  • Finish Sensory Walkabout Presentations
  • Sense Perception continues

Sense Perception Day 2

Power Point

Toka #10 Sense Perception Continues

Questions are on the PowerPoint on the left

Thurs. Mar 3 Language The Power of Language

Language Day 1 - Absent Assignment

1. Write a word or phrase that you would need if you were mute? Why do you need this language?

2. What are the 5 most powerful words in the English Language? Explain why they are powerful.


Fri. Mar 4 Spar   None
Mon. Mar 7 Language

The N-Word is it ever okay?


If absent, read the article at the left and answer the following questions.

1. Did you feel uncomfortable hearing or saying the "N-Word"? Why?
2. Why did Jennings write this article?
3. What is your prediction for the status on the "N-word" in 2033?
4. List 3 to 5 other hate words.
5. What do these words have in common with the "N - word" and/or how are they different?


Tues. Mar 8 Language



If absent, watch the YouTube at the left and write a short summary about the positions of each panelist. Which position do you agree with? why? Which positions do you disagree with why?
Wed. Mar 9 Language

Profanity Scenarios

If you were absent please select 4 of the 5 scenarios on the left and write your thoughts about each.
Thurs. Mar 10 Language PowerPoint

TOKA #11

On the powerpoint to the left.

Fri. Mar 11 Spar    
Mon. Mar 14 Fallacy Theatre Fallacy Theatre Sheet If absent, create a skit or advertisement based off of 3 fallacies. You will present it to the class when you return.
Tues. Mar 15 No Class - ACT for ALL    
Wed. Mar 16
  • Fallacy Theatre Continues
  • TOK Poetry
  • The Limits of Reason


TOK Poetry Sheet

The Limits of Reason Article

Write a TOK Poem - Due Tuesday, March 22nd (see sheet to the left)

Read the Limits of Reason Article in preparation for TOKA 12 tomorrow.

Final Draft of Essay is due Friday!



Thurs. Mar 17

  • Lateral Thinking Puzzles


The Limits of Reason Article


TOKA #12

Limits of Reason Article

1.What is Begley’s position on reason? Do you agree or disagree, why?
2.Give a real life example of how confirmation bias has been used to try to win an argument in your own life or in the world around us how is it being used?
3.Is reason dependable if we, as humans, are so apt to succumb to faulting reasoning? Explain your thoughts on this.
4.Give an example from current items in the news or world that shows how motivated reasoning impedes our search for the truth.
Fri. Mar 18
  • Work on Essay Day


Finish your TOK Essay


Mon. Mar 21
  • Logical Fallacies


Logical Fallacy Quiz - see me if you were absent

TOKA #13

1.How did you feel when given the logical reasoning problems?
2.What skills did you employ to solve them?
3.Did you persist or give up? Why?
4.Are some people are hard-wired to do puzzles like these and others are not?


Tues. Mar 22
  • Syllogisms

Finish TOKA #13

Wed. Mar 23
  • Syllogisms and Enthymemes

TOKA #14

On the PowerPoint to the left

Thurs. Mar 24 Emotion - the Last Day of the Quarter

Turn in your Notesbooks


In Class Activity