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Tues. Jan 20
  • Welcome!
  • 3 Nice Things
  • Syllabus
  • Guest Presenter: Jimmy Dalton


What is TOK - YouTube

PowerPoint Day 1

Purchase a TOKA notebook
Wed. Jan 21
  • Reading
  • TOKA 1
  • Discussion
  • Self-Evaluation


PowerPoint Day 2

My Father Speaks With Ghosts ~excerpts from Fourth Uncle in the mountain

TOKA #1: My Fourth Uncle

  1.Would you trust Quang’s father as your doctor? Why or why not?

2.Do you believe Quang’s account of the ghosts? Why or why not?
3.What do you believe about Quang’s account regarding his life in the cave? What don’t you believe? Why?
4.Is this book fiction or nonfiction? Explain your reasoning.
5.Who’s world holds more factual truths, yours or Quang’s? Or are they equally valid?
Thurs. Jan 22
  • Ghosts? Are they Real?
  • Review of TOKA #1
  • Discussion Self-Evaluation
  • Group work on Discussion Norms

PowerPoint Day 3

Group Self-Evaluation


Fri. Jan 23
  • SPAR
PowerPoint Day 4 None
Mon. Jan 26
  • Who Am I?

PowerPoint Day 5

Link to Awestruck Video

Jung Typology Test

KISA Personality Test

Toka #2

Toka 2 is on a worksheet (link above). Make sure to write out the questions & answers in your TOKA though; rather than on the worksheet.

Also, summarize your results of the 2 personality tests on the left under TOKA 2.

Tues. Jan 27
  • Who Am I? Discussion
PowerPoint Day 6


Wed. Jan 28

  School is Closed

School is Closed



Thurs. Jan 29

  • Textbook pgs 17 - 22 (read)
  • Discussion
PowerPoint Day 7

Toka #3: Knowledge

Read pgs. 17 – 22, In your TOKA complete the exercises on pg. 18 – 19 and answer the following questions:

1.What is the difference between knowledge by description and knowledge by acquaintance?
2.Which type of knowledge do you believe is more reliable? Why?
3.What are the key differences in the two schools of philosophy: Rationalism and Empiricism?
4.Which school of philosophy makes the most sense to you? Why?



Fri. Jan 30

  • TedTalk - Sir Kenneth Robinson
  • Discussion
  • Extended Essay Handbook for Diploma Candidates


How Schools Kill Creativity

 PowerPoint Day 8

TOKA #4 How Schools Kill Creativity.

1.Should the Arts be given equal weight in school? Why or why not?

2.How would you change school to develop the creativity of students?
Mon. Feb 2
  • Sense Perception walkabout
  • Discussion
  • EE questions
  • TOKA #5

Extended Essay Handbook for Diploma Candidates

PowerPoint 9

TOKA #5: Sensory Walkabout

Walk about the building and write down 3 new experiences from each of the following senses (12 experiences): Vision, Hearing, Smell, Touch

1.How does an increased focus on your senses affect your knowledge?
2.What percent of sensory experience do you miss?


Tues. Feb 3


  • A Crash Course in TOK

Car Crash PowerPoint

Car Crash Roles

Activity Worksheet to Complete

  Directions for Assignment

Wed. Feb 4
  • Knowledge Claims and Questions
  • Real world connections
Exploring Knowledge Questions PowerPoint

Knowledge Questions Student Handout

(This will be due on Friday)

Thurs. Feb 5
  • Knowledge Questions Handout and Research
None None
Fri. Feb 6
  • SPAR
  • TOKAs Due

TOKAS 1 - 5 due

Car Crash Activity due

Exploring Knowledge Questions Activity due

Mon. Feb 9
  • Perception
Perception PowerPoint

TOKA 6: Perception as a Way of Knowing

Questions are on the PowerPoint to the left

Tues. Feb 10
  • Wrap up Perception TOKA 6
  • Language
Article: The N-Word. Is It Ever OK to Say? Jennings

Toka 7 - The "N" word

1. Did you feel uncomfortable hearing or saying the "N-Word"? Why?

2. Why did Jennings write this article?

3. What is your prediction for the status on the "N-word" in 2033?

4. List 3 to 5 other hate words.

5. What do these words have in common with the "N - word" and/or how are they different?

Wed. Feb 11
  • Discussion on the "N-word"
  • Language

Should we Say the N-Word Ever? YouTube


Complete TOKA #7 Above


Thurs. Feb 12
  • What is Love?





 TOKA #8 What is Love?

1. #WhatIsLoveIn4Words (list 4 words that represents what love means to you).

2. How do we know when we are "in love"?

3. What does Fredrickson claim "love" to be In the article: There's No Such Thing as Everlasting Love?

4. What is Fredrickson's message? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

Fri. Feb 13
  • No School




Mon. Feb 16
  • No School
  • President's Day and Happy Valentines' Day!
Tues. Feb 17
  • Language as a Way of Knowing
Language as a WOK PowerPoint TOKA #9 Questions on PowerPoint to the Left
Wed. Feb 18
  • Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacy Sheet

TOKA #10 Logical Fallacies

Write an example of your own for each logical fallacy if you were absent today. If you were here write an example for the following fallacies:

1. Special Pleading

2. The Fallacy Fallacy

3. Ambiguity

(Do not use the same examples from the worksheet)

Thurs. Feb 19
  • Logical Fallacy Quiz
  • Reason
Article: The Limits of Reason

Make sure to get a copy of the quiz from me! Turn in on Feb 25th Wednesday 

Fri. Feb 20
  • SPAR
Mon. Feb 23
  • Essay Requirements
  • Essay Research
  • Outline

Essay Outline Due at the End of Class!

In Computer Lab 40

Tues. Feb 24
  • Reason
Reasoning PowerPoint

TOKA #11

Questions are on the PowerPoint to the Left

Wed. Feb 25
  • Emotion

Take the two EIQ tests and answer the questions on this document.


TOKA #12 (period 0 only)

Thurs. Feb 26
  • Reason
Completed TOKA #11 on Reasoning PowerPoint above.  
Fri. Feb 27
  • Essay
Full Outline should be shared or emailed to Mrs. Ledman by Friday.

 In Computer Lab 40

Mon. Mar 2
  • Emotion


Colors, Shapes, and Surfaces

TOKA #13 Emotions

Groupwork - wrote solutions in TOKA

1. Name the emotion expressed on each slide on the PowerPoint to the left and why you think it is that emotion.

2. Categorize each of the 6 emotions from the slide into 1) colors, 2) shapes, and 3) surfaces.  Explain why you catogorized them in that way.


Tues. Mar 3
  • Emotion

How emotionally Intelligent are you?  Here's how you tell.


YouTube defining Emotional Intelligence

Do Animals Share our Emotions?


TOKA #14 Emotional Intelligence

Listen to the YouTube and Take the Emotional Intelligence Quiz.  The scores and meaning are on the PowerPoint.

1.Does Emotional Intelligence matter?   Explain..
2.Rank the following 6 emotions in order of ability to control from most easily to least easily to control (Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust and surprise).   Explain your reasons for your first and 6th choices.
3.What emotions are infectious? Why?

4. How do animal emotions differ from ours?

 5. What physical reactions do emotions bring on? (give at least 3 examples)


Wed. Mar 4
  • Intuition
Article: Intuition

If you were absent put these in your TOKA:

1.How would you define intuition?
2.Share a few examples of how you have used your intuition.
3.When do you tend to use your intuition?
4.Do you think you can improve your intuition? Why or why not?
5.Is using your intuition trustworthy? why or why not?


Thurs. Mar 5
  • Video
Fri. Mar 6
  • Video
Mon. Mar 9
  • Intuition

Essay Rough Draft Due

Tues. Mar 10
  • Intuition

Intuition PowerPoint

Intuition Problems

Complete the Intuition problems on the sheet to the left.  Do these quickly using your intuition. Then redo these using reason. Did you make any changes to your answers? Explain.

TOKA #15 Intuition

1.Recall a time when you had a  powerful intuition that turned out to be right. How did you explain it?
2.Does your intuition ever mislead you?
3.Can you say when we should rely on intuition and when we should not?  Write down your thoughts on this!


Wed. Mar 11
  • Memory

Finished Intuition

Started Memory

Finished TOKA #15
Thurs. Mar 12
  • Memory
Memory PowerPoint

TOKA #16: Memory

Questions are on the Memory PowerPoint to the left!

Fri. Mar 13
  • Memory Techniques

Memory Game Project

See the directions and memory techniques above.

On Wednesday, March 18th games will be played.  

Mon. Mar 16
  • SPAR
PowerPoint Essay recommendations are on the PowerPoint to the left!
Tues. Mar 17
  • Peer Review of Essay
Essay Rubric

1. Reviewed Essays

2. Prepared memory games

Wed. Mar 18
  • Memory Games
  Played Memory Games
Thurs. Mar 19
  • Imagination
Article on Imagination  TOKA 17: Imagination
Fri. Mar 20
  • Imagination
  • Discussion of TOKA 17
  • Creativity in Schools Ted Talk
  • Group work

FINAL Essays are Due at Midnight on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mon. Mar 23
  • Imagination
  • Ideal High School Curriculum group work
  • Presentations
  • Imagination tests

How big is your Imagination 

Shelley Carsen Creativity test

Summarize test results in TOKA 17.

Ideal High School Curriculum
1.How would you change how high school works?
2.What would you add, delete, modify?
3.What about curriculum? What classes would students take and why?
4.How would you incorporate technology?
5.What would be your school’s purpose?
6.How would your days be structured?
7.What would teachers do? Why
8.What would students do? Why
9.When would school occur?
10.Where would school occur?
Tues. Mar 24
  • Faith

Article: Where Reason Ends and Faith Begins

Faith PowerPoint

TOKA #18: Faith

1. What does faith mean to you?

2. Complete each statement:

a) I believe that... b) I have faith that... c) I trust that... d) I hope that... e) I know that...

3. Share and experience that required you to have some level of faith?

4. Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003 stated the following about religious faith:

“Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.”

Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

 5.  Why is “faith” such a controversial issue? Give a few examples you know about and/or have experienced with this contention.


Wed. Mar 25
  • WOKs and Reliability
  • Linking WOKs to AOKs
  • Self Evaluation


TOKAs #1 - 18 are Due
Thurs. Mar 26
  • Linking WOKs to AOKs
  • Self Evaluation
  TOKAs #1 - 18 are Due
Fri. Mar 27
  • No School
  • Happy Spring Break!


Diploma Candidates work on researching your topic!