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The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) at Southwest High School invites you to join us in our mission to:

  • Promote the well-being of Southwest students at school, at home, and in the community.
  • Bring together parents, teachers, and staff to support students and achieve excellence in education.
  • Successfully advocate for laws that serve the best interest of Southwest and all MPS students.
  • Share our strengths to promote Southwest’s community value and attract partnerships and support.

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October 8, 2013 - Drama Free Communication: Handling Difficult Interactions with Your Teen
Dr. Jody Janati, University of MN, Faculty in Communication Studies
Take 2! Jody was our presenter last fall, teaching drama free step-by-step techniques that demonstrated practical solutions for difficult interactions with your teen; controlling anger and emotions; being assertive and effectively diffusing conflict through a variety of approaches that really work; and setting healthy boundaries to ultimately find your "Conversation Peace."

Jody has revised her presentation for 2013 to include more specific teen/parent interactions and has promised a workshop-like format that will stress role-playing examples and hands-on strategies that parents can apply right away. Janati led a student session on this topic last spring for Sam Ebute and it was very well received .

January 14, 2014 -  Turn Struggle to Growth: Creating Resiliency and Autonomy in Teens 
scroll down for the Power Point presentation and the PTSA Secretary's notes from the event
 Anne Gearity, PhD is a clinical social worker with a mental health practice in Minneapolis.  She is clinical faculty at the U of M Department of Child Psychiatry and School of Social Work as well as teaching in an infant mental health post graduate program.  In addition, she consults to agencies and schools about mental health needs of children and adolescents.  Her writing interests include an educational model of mental health and fluency: talking to children and teens in helpful ways. 

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION : Educators and parents need to encourage self-reliance and self-motivation in teens.  This is part of their learning mandate, as much as academic mastery.  This workshop will address tasks of adolescence and how adults can best support teens as they practice autonomy. We will focus on what happens when learning is compromised by stress, learning difficulties, and mental illness; and how to build educational supports that help teens better appreciate and enjoy school.

April 15, 2014-  TBD


PTSA Speaker Series Nights are Tuesdays @ 7p.m. in the Media Center on the dates above.

We encourage you to attend, explore our wide variety of volunteer options, and consider joining the PTSA with an annual donation of $25 to support continuing excellence at Southwest.


PDF Parent Speaker Series provided by PTSA 2013-14   --  Guest speakers on parenting teen issues supported by PTSA funds. Open to all parents, students and staff.
PDF Parent Informational Meetings   --   A list of informational meetings for parents held by administration, Counseling, Career and College center, IB and PTSA
PDF 14Jan2014SecretaryNotesPresentation   --  Notes of Dr. Anne Gearity's presentation, taken by Mark Peterson, PTSA secretary 2013-2014.
PDF Dr. Anne Gearity - Developing Self Reliance and Resiliency in Teens   --  Power point of the Jan 14, 2014 presentation made by Dr. Gearity to parents and staff at SWHS PTSA meeting