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Course Overview
Performance Theatre 2
In this semester course students will study acting, voice, character analysis and performance, including a deeper exploration of various acting methods and styles. Students will be expected to analyze and perform monologues and extended scenes from various genres. They will also delve into the elements of directing and playwriting, including the composition of more complex scripted and unscripted works. Students will also learn the art of creating the director’s production design concept and gain experience with the many varied production elements (costume, set and lighting design, marketing) that must be considered when producing a theatrical piece.

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 
Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of Performance Theatre 1 or instructor permission


PT2 Syllabus 2016-17

Performance Theatre 2 – 2016-17

Ms. Berg

Black Box Theatre/Auditorium

Office: Green Room/Costume Room



Syllabus and Course Expectations

Welcome to Performance Theatre 2!  While I have ideas about what I want you to learn about and do in this course, you have given me some ideas of what you are interested in as well and I will try to include those things.  So far you have all been fantastic participants and I think we will have a fun semester.

At this point the semester will include the following four parts:

·         Creating an artistic community through theatre games and acting techniques

·         Creating and performing original material

·         Understanding theatrical forms and styles, such as classical and contemporary, and working with published dramatic scripts

·         Understanding technical theatre terms and creating a production portfolio (set, costume, light/sound design)


Your responsibilities for this class include the following:

Participate, Participate, Participate (and hopefully have fun doing it) – One of the main goals of this course is for you to have fun doing dramatic and theatrical things, and this will only be possible if everyone participates.  It’s more fun if everyone tries everything, so participation is a no-brainer.

Respect – Since everyone is doing things that are probably out of his/her comfort zone, please be respectful and supportive to everyone in the class.  Remember, if you are not feeling completely ridiculous at least once a day in this class we are not working hard enough, but you shouldn’t feel completely ridiculous because someone else in the class made you feel that way.

Journal -- Please have a notebook/journal that you will only use in this class.  You will use it to reflect on what we do every day and to write when needed.  I will collect these every so often, so please make sure you are able to hand it in.

Memorize and perform -- You will memorize and perform original material for an invited audience as well as a ninety second monologue or three minute scene.  You should have experience with this from Performance Theatre 1 or in other productions.  We will have some time in class to prepare, but start looking at monologues and scenes you think you might be interested in using.

Create a production portfolio – You will learn about costume, set and light/sound design and work to create a production portfolio for a production of your choice.

Technical Theater – Complete 5 tech hours (in costumes, scenery, lights, sound, house management/marketing) before the last week of the semester and log in and reflect on the experiences in your journal.  If you wish, you may go to a show for 1 of your 5 tech hours and reflect on the technical aspects of the show in your journal as well.


So that’s it!  If you (or your parent/guardian) ever have any questions or concerns about this class and/or your grade in it, please come and talk to me, preferably sooner rather than later.  I will help you work out whatever needs working out so that you can have a fun and productive semester in Performance Theatre 2.

Thanks and enjoy the show!