MUS Ultimate Player Notes

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Locations for Fall League

Over the past few years, we've played in the TCUL (Twin Cities Ultimate League) fall league, and games have been at Lake Nokomis Park.

Practices have been held at Martin Luther King Park.  It's an easy 24 minute bus ride from Southwest:

Route: 46A 46St-42St/Hiawatha-46St/Via Bryant
Route: 46X 46St-I-35W
3:08 PM depart from 47th St W & Southwest High School
3:24 PM arrive at 46th St E & Nicollet Ave S
Walk to MLK Park 
Route: 18 Downtown
3:30 PM depart from Nicollet Ave S & 46th St E
3:32 PM arrive at Nicollet Ave S & 41st St E
Locations for Spring League
We have had three home fields over the past few years. Which one we use will depend on field quality and scheduling conflicts. 

For practices in the early spring, Solomon Park is our most likely choice as the field is un-developed and will not suffer from use. 

As park fields open up after the winter we have used FernHill Park in  St Louis Park at 28th and Joppa.  Two blocks north of Minnetonka BLVD near its eastern end.

Our preferred field is Minikahda Vista at 39th and Inglewood. 3 blocks west of 39th and France.