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First Try

"¡Bienvenidos a Southwest y Español!

Name:Jonathan Townsend

Grade/Subject: Spanish Levels I and VI (IB HL Spanish)

Room Number: 211, West Building

Phone:612-668-3030 (SW Main)
¡Saludos!  As my dog Boris above is saying, welcome to Southwest and Spanish!  This will be my 14th year teaching here at Southwest, and I'm very excited to enjoy the spectrum ends of Beginning - and Advanced-Spanish classes with you all.  All of my classes are taught in the target language of Spanish for the benefit of and challenge to my students and myself.  Conscious immersion into a new language is the way we learn our native language; careful attention, dedication, practice and repetition of comprehensible input of a new language will also carry us towards mastering it.  And we need to have fun!  These are some of my goals for the school year.  Have you thought of yours?
I had a GREAT summer of professional development, landscaping, drumming, and LOTS of great windsurfing.  I'm a windsurfing instructor, too, so it was exciting to teach some new faces how to enjoy the elements of self, wind and water, and to see their success.  Two things to remember: 1) if you want it, you may have to work for it, but the "work" will be fun because it will teach and reward you; 2) it's WAY more interesting to focus on and embellish what you can do than to muddle over what (you think you) can't do. Así pues, ¡vamos! (So, let's go!)
Southwest High School
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