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Precalculus Chapter 7: Systems of Equations


 Section: 7.1

Video Length:

Inconsistent Systems  (Either parallel or same lines)
Solving Graphically (Setting up a "friendly" calculator window)
  Check Your Understanding  

Section: 7.2

  Solving by Elimination 4:33
  Determining Consistent and Inconsistent Systems 4:42
  Creating a System of Equations from a Word Problem 4:40

Section: 7.3 Systems of Equations in Three Variables

  Systems of Three Variables in Row-Echelon Form (Gaussian Elimination) 1:12
  Example of Gaussian Elimination 5:13
  3-Variable Inconsistent Systems 5:02
  3-Dimensional Coordinate Systems (part 1) 1:36
  3-Dimensional Coordinate Systems (part 2) 1:27
  3-Dimensional Coordinate Systems (part 3) 1:33
  Finding Partial Decompositions of Rational Functions 3:40
  Partial Fraction Decomposition-Distinct Linear Factors 4:57
  Finding a QuadraticFrom ThreeNon-Colinear Points 4:09

Section: 7.4 Matrices and Systems of Equations

  How to Identify the Order of a Matrix 1:02
  Write Augmentd and Coefficient Matrices 1:26
  Matrices and Gaussian Elimination 5:00
  Using Matrices to Solve Systems with Nonunique Solutions (part 1) 3:08
  Using Matrices to Solve Systems with Nonunique Solutions (part 2) 2:16
  Gauss-Jordan Elimination (Reduced Row Echelon Form) 4:57

Section: 7.5 Operations with Matrices

  Equatlity of Matrices 0:14
  Add and Subtract Matrices 1:00
  Multiply a Matrix by a Scalar 2:27
  The Product of Two Matrices 4:29
  Matrix Operations to Model and Solve Real-Life Problems 2:30
  Check Your Understanding  
Section: 7.6 The Inverse of a Square Matrix  
  Verify Two Matrices are Inverses of Each Other 2:10
  Finding Inverse Matrices (Part 1) 3:57
  Find Inverse Matrices (Part 2) 0:46
  Check Your Understanding:: The Inverse of a Square Matrix  
  Use Inverse Matrices to Solve System of Equations 6:11
Section: 7.7 The Determinant of a Square Matrix  
  Determinant of a 2 x 2 Matrix 1:32
  Evaluate Determinants 4:53
  The Determinant of a Square Matrix (3 x 3 and larger) 2:45
  Check Your Understanding: Determinants  
  Finding the Determinant of a Triangular Matrix 2:08
Section: 7.8 Applications of Matrices and Determinants  
  Area of a Triangle 2:48
  Lines in a Plane 2:51
  Solving Systems in 2 Variables with Cramer's Rule 3:52
  Solving Systems in 3 Variables with Cramer's Rule 4:16
  Cryptography (part 1) 4:21
  Cryptography (part 2) 1:30