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Leadership Opportunities


The following are offices and leadership positions for Southwest Singers, Donne Voce & Bass Choir


SECTION LEADER - (1 to 2 per section)

The Section Leader should:

  • Be a skilled musician able to read music well (piano skills not required but useful)

  • Be punctual & focused at rehearsals

  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills

  • Work in conjunction with other Section Leaders

  • Be willing and able to support Mr. Fisher in artistic decisions and other matters relating to the artistic health and growth of the choir.


Suggested duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide musical leadership for section. Musical leadership may entail anything from answering questions such as “what songs were rehearsed yesterday?” to specific technical questions such as “when is the breath at measure 10?” In the event that the SL is not able to answer the question, he may confer with other artistic staff

  • Organize and lead sectional rehearsals. If there is more than one SL in a section, SLs should collaborate in order to utilize their particular skills to good effect

  • Take careful note of details in rehearsal, such as phrasing, breathing, pronunciation etc., so that exact details can be communicated to members

  • Effectively communicate with Mr. Fisher and other choir officers

  • Be willing to take initiative when needed (e.g. help lead a warm-ups or take attendance if Mr. Fisher is gone)

  • Strive for personal artistic growth




The student conductor is a leadership role for an excelled musician.  Candidates might be individuals who are considering majoring or minoring in music in college. The student conductor, with guidance and assistance from Mr. Fisher, may conduct a piece of music at a concert later in the school year. The student conductor CAN be a section leader. A student conductor might run a rehearsal of combined sections (e.g. all the men rehearsing together) while the women rehearse in a different room.They might also step in when a section leader is absent on sectional day.



Each ensemble elects a president. The president is responsible for decorating/updating bulletin boards, collaborating with the director on ensemble events, and helping members feel a part of the community.



SWS & Men’s Chrous: Male & female responsible for tuxes, dresses & choir gear  

DV: Two women in charge of assigning & fitting robes, unifying hem length

Also responsible for choir gear (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Fleeces, etc).



Create/Maintain social media sites for choir communication, announcements and community building.



Assist in setting up for concerts, prepping performance spaces, placement of programs and concert preparation